Austrian Cops, Army, Unions Oppose ‘Health Dictatorship’

After the Austrian government–Hitler was born in Austria–decided to Mandate a new Lockdown on everyone in Austria who hasn’t been “vaccinated” yet with experimental drugs whose long-term effects are completely unknown, Austria’s police, armed forces, and trade unions have joined the opposition (

Gosh. For some strange reason, they don’t want to live under what they call a “health dictatorship.” Police and army have announced they won’t enforce the government’s restrictions.

A mass demonstration for freedom has been scheduled for tomorrow. Police and army officers will join it.


Is this really about “science” (LOL) and “public health,” or is it a full-dress rehearsal for world government? Which, of course, would be a global tyranny. Please don’t insult our intelligence by claiming otherwise.

If it turns out, ten years later, that the “vaccine” has made you sterile, or shortened the shelf life of your heart… who do you sue?

If this public policy is so enlightened, so wise, so beneficial… why does it take so much brute force to implement it?

Is there something about COVID-19 that our dishonest prevaricating lying “leaders” simply aren’t telling us?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the answers.