Hollywood’s ‘Woke Suicide’

Why Hollywood went Woke, and When "Normalcy" Might Return - YouTube

If you think new movies already stink to high heaven, brace yourself–you ain’t smelled nothin’ yet.

To be eligible for Oscar nomination in 2024, movies will have to conform to a quota system that racks up points for a movie’s “inclusion” of “underrepresented groups” and other cherished minorities (https://www.revolver.news/2023/06/hollywood-just-realized-they-committed-woke-suicide-and-theres-nothing-they-can-do-about-it/)

It’ll be story, schmory–have you touched all the PC bases in your cast? We don’t care that the movie sucks! As long as 30% of your cast and at least one major character represent an underrepresented group.

Actor Richard Dreyfuss (Close Encounters, Jaws, etc.) says the new quota system makes him physically ill. It stifles creativity. (Ya think?)

Hollywood is already losing scads of money this year, and last year, too, cranking out one ratings bomb after another, with a lot of “LGBTQ+ flops that no one wants to see.” And lots of Invincible Female Super-(can I say “heroes”?). Somebody’s going to come along and make movies that actually entertain people, and they’ll finish off what’s left of Hollywood.

Just remember, all you industries out there: they did this to themselves.