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Weird White People

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Weird white people–liberals, leftids, progressives, Democrats–say and do things that normal people don’t understand.

They call black conservatives white supremacists.

They take their toddlers to “pride” parades and introduce them to drag queens–that is, intensely disturbed men who do themselves up as caricatures of women.

They sign up for college courses, taught by other white people, about how bad white people are.

They really hate people they call haters: they get violently steamed up about it, and for two cents, they’d kill those $#@%$# haters!

They own the social media, routinely censor conservatives, and just as routinely claim that their own Far Left views are being censored. By whom? Are they censoring themselves–and are so far out of touch with reality, that they keep forgetting they own Facebook?

They look at San Francisco’s city sidewalks dotted with piles of human feces and exclaim, “Yeah! We want that for our city!”

They sit around the table at dinner time and talk about how upset they are by there not being more transgendered characters in TV shows and movies.

They are a small percentage of our total population; but because they are totally fanatical, they live for their crazy politics and never take a day off, and they are totally unrestrained by most of the considerations taken for granted by normal people–family responsibilities, work, what most of us call normal life–they get to wield an influence out of all proportion to their numbers. One atheist, for instance, can shut down a whole town’s Christmas parade.

But they do have one achilles heel: without the Democrat Party, they can do nothing.

Please bear that in mind when November comes around.

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