Mr. Nature: Baby Iguanas

A Handful Of Baby Iguanas Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

Yes, they get an awful lot bigger than this!

Most animals are lot more complicated than we think! They are very, very far from being just “biological machines.”

Check out this article about the social lives of baby iguanas. You’ll be surprised, I guarantee it.

Now I already knew or suspected much of this because I had my iguana for 17 years and he most certainly did not just sit around like a paperweight. No! Because of the way he was raised, he thought he was a mammal and acted accordingly. Other pet iguanas I knew, treated like inanimate objects that had to eat once in a while, became sulky and dull. As you would, under like circumstances.

These are social animals. In the wild, baby iguanas socialize with and learn from each other–not like a solitary animal stuck in a cage. A pet iguana, if raised and treated as a pet, will be a pet. (Note: You’ve got to get them young.) Raised with dogs and cats, it will make friends with dogs and cats. When I was teaching, I sometimes brought him to school with me because the kids were crazy about him.

Animals have the same maker we have; and God took pleasure in them and pronounced them good.

We have that in common with them.