Italy Spurns ‘Great Reset’

She’s a spiritual daughter of Inigo Montoya.

“Hello! My name is Giorgia Maloni. You tried to screw up Italy’s cuisine. Prepare to die.”

Italy’s new head of state is sticking it to the World Economic Forum–right in the eye. Italy is now rejecting everything the WEF is selling ( This is pushback on a national scale.

Here are some features of Prime Minister Maloni’s policy:

*All foodstuffs containing insect flour to be segregated away from normal food, and clearly labeled.

*No selling insects for human consumption.

*No lab-grown artificial meat.

*No more “official communications” in any language but Italian–if you can’t say it in Italian, “Va al diavolo.” Why should Italians in Italy have to read rules and regulations in English?

All of these measures are to carry heavy fines for violation. Clearly Ms. Maloni is not fooling around. Where do our politicians sign up for lessons?

[P.S.–And Finland has just elected a new conservative prime minister, and kicked out the Far Left dingbat that they had. Chalk up 2 on the loss column, WEF.]