Spiritual Refreshment

I think we could all do with some spiritual refreshment today, and Linda has suggested this: Lay Your Burden Down, by Chuck Girard. Thanks, Linda, and I’ll get to your other hymn request tomorrow morning.

By Request, ‘Lay Your Burden Down’

Before I even glance at this day’s evil news, here’s Lay Your Burden Down, sung by Chuck Girard (request by Linda). A lot of people say this song ministers to them. God knows we need all the ministering we can get.

By Request, ‘Lay Your Burden Down’

Before I sail any farther into harm’s way, let me catch up a little on hymn requests–with Lay Your Burden Down, performed by Chuck Girard.

I will try to post all hymns requested by my readers. So step right up, folks, don’t be shy.