By Request, ‘Sometimes Alleluia’

Off to a slow and very late start today: last night featured just about the foulest weather I’ve ever seen.

But–here’s a hymn. Requested by Erlene, Chuck Girard sings Sometimes Alleluia.

And the hymn shop is now open. Better late than never.

By Request, ‘Sometimes Alleluia’

I open the blog this morning to find WordPress has changed the blog’s format again and hardly anybody’s here.

So let’s start with this hymn requested by Erlene, Sometimes Alleluia, by Chuck Girard.

The hymn shop will be open all day.

By Request: ‘Sometimes Alleluia’

Special request from Erlene yesterday: Sometimes Alleluiah, by Chuck Girard.

I got a little carried away, going down the list of Your Favorite Hymns, so I want to go back to posting hymns as the requests come in–in addition to keeping the list open so readers can add to it at will.

By Request, ‘Sometimes Alleluia’

Let’s start the day with a hymn request from Erlene–Sometimes Alleluia, by Chuck Girard.

If you have a favorite hymn or worship song you’d like to share, just leave a comment anywhere and we’ll do the rest.

By Request, ‘Sometimes Alleluiah’

Erlene asked for this one, Sometimes Alleluiah, by Chuck Girard. It has printed lyrics, so you can sing along.

Bonus Hymn: ‘Soldiers of the Lion’

“Feminist music” left my mind full of bad air, like a boarded-up attic on a hot summer day. It’ll take a hymn to blow some fresh air back into it.

Soldiers of the Lion, by Chuck Girard–we don’t know when Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back, but we want to be ready for Him when He does.

Bonus Hymn, by Request: ‘Soldiers of the Lion’

Linda asked for this encore–see how easy it is to make a hymn request–so here it is: Soldiers of the Lion, by Chuck Girard.

It is the Lion of the tribe of Judah who will avenge His saints when He returns to take up His kingdom of the earth.

By Request: ‘Sometimes Alleluia’

Linda asked for this one: Sometimes Alleluia, by Chuck Girard.

For those of you who are new to this site, we take hymn requests every day. If you have a favorite hymn or worship song you’d like to see posted here, don’t be  bashful–leave a comment and let us know.

Spiritual Refreshment

I think we could all do with some spiritual refreshment today, and Linda has suggested this: Lay Your Burden Down, by Chuck Girard. Thanks, Linda, and I’ll get to your other hymn request tomorrow morning.

Encore by Request: ‘Soldiers of the Lion’

Requested by Linda, seconded by Erlene: Soldiers of the Lion, by Chuck Girard.

Hey, out there–if there’s a hymn you really like, and I’ve posted it before, you can always ask for it again. We do reruns!