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They Are Not Smarter Than You

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One of the things that intimidates regular people, and deters them from standing up to liberals, is the overall perception–largely created and fostered by liberals themselves–that liberals are intellectuals, terribly smart people who must be taken seriously. That would include virtually all Democrats.

In my lifetime, every Democrat who ever ran for president was depicted as a genius by the liberal-biased nooze media, and every Republican, an utter ass.  There’s even a little formula that goes with this.

*Liberals/Democrats went to expensive schools, so they must be smart.  *They are in favor of things that don’t make any sense to us, so they must be smarter than us.   *Conservatives are in favor of a lot of the same things we’re in favor of, and against most of the things that we’re against–so they mustn’t be that smart.

In reality, liberal politicians are no smarter than you are, and probably a great deal less. Al Gore, for instance–Mr. “The Science is Settled!”–has no more science background than a mud puppy.Image result for images of mud puppies

Raised in the bubble of the hereditary political class, he has a political science degree–big deal, I’ve got one, too–and tried his hand at both law school and divinity school without finishing either one.  I guess it’s poetic justice that such a scarecrow as Gore should be the spokesman for a thoroughly corrupt and politicized scientific establishment, one dominated by prostitutes. But at least his non-existent science background goes a very long way to explaining his persistent refusal to debate his Global Warming/Climate Change/We’re-all-gonna-die message. Up against any kind of scientific opposition, he’d get creamed.

The point is, none of these left-wing philosopher-kings has any more intelligence than God gave to a mealworm. Fear them not! Any satirist worth his salt can mow them down like grass.

Remember Obama and his 57 states–and his total mystification by the very concept of saving or creating jobs in America–you would’ve thought it was magic, on a par with spinning straw into gold–and how Donald Trump, before he was even inaugurated, took common-sense action that has so far  brought back thousands of jobs. But then Trump is not a genius.

Liberals: no, they don’t want you to look behind the curtain!

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