They’re ‘Not Afraid to Burn in Hell’

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What do we keep telling you about Democrats?

Yet another illustration: a commercial aired the other night in the middle of the Democrat “debate”–Ron Reagan, speaking for the Freedom From Religion Foundation as “an unabashed atheist,” who, he bragged, is “not afraid to burn in Hell” (

Well, Ron, I like a man who has a goal commensurate with his talents. By all accounts, winding up in Hell is rather easy to achieve. Just keep goin’ as you’re goin’.

Meanwhile, he and his atheist playmates are “alarmed by the intrusions of religion into our secular government.”

What about the infinitely worse intrusions of the secular government into our Judeo-Christian culture? What–“gay marriage” was not an intrusion?

Anyway, there you have it: the party that booed God on live TV at its national convention holds a public event sponsored by atheists.

We need a Freedom From the Freedom From Religion Foundation Foundation.