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Universities Try to Hide Their Selling-Out to China

China: Government Threats to Academic Freedom Abroad | Human ...

They’re conquering us with money, not armies

It just gets worse and worse. This is low even for the universities.

College Fix reports “Universities try to block Congress from accessing documents detailing their ties to China” (https://www.thecollegefix.com/universities-try-to-block-congress-from-accessing-documents-detailing-their-ties-to-china/). The U.S. Dept. of Education, and the FBI, have been investigating this since 2018.

Congress wants to know the extent of China’s “investment” in our colleges and universities, but many of the schools are claiming “exemption” from the Freedom of Information Act. Why they should be exempt is not at all clear.

“Massive investments of foreign money”–mostly “gifts” from China–seem to have induced any number of university professors and administrators to help the Chicoms out with propaganda, spying, and theft of intellectual property. Some of the recipients of these “gifts” have been formally charged with filing false tax returns to hide their payments from the communist regime.

Simply put, they’re selling themselves, their knowledge, and their institutions to a hostile foreign government.

That would explain why so many of our universities are so pro-China.

We are in a new cold war with China. We, short-sighted greedy fools throughout the West, have made Red China rich. Now they’re using that money against us.

It makes me wonder how deeply Red China is “invested” in our free & independent nooze media. I wonder how many of our politicians they’ve bought.

We built communist China up. Now we need to build them down–before they bury us.

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