Teach the Kids… Outdoors?

Wow! It’s 24 degrees out, with snow and ice on the ground. You are an… um… “teacher” at a local elementary school, and it’s lunchtime. What do you do?

Well, come on, it’s obvious! You herd the kids outside and have ’em sit on the cold blacktop while they eat their lunch as fast as they can (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/covid-child-abuse-virginia-elementary-school-teacher-holds-class-outdoors-sub-freezing-weather/). You might want to spend a little class time out there, too.

We are not told why this is done. Scared o’ germs, maybe?

And if you were guessing that this was yet another Northern Virginia public school story, you were right on target.

I don’t know. Maybe when I was in third grade, I might’ve thought it was fun to eat outside in 24 degrees. But we have been led to believe that adults have better sense than third graders.

Probably we shouldn’t believe that anymore. At least not where public schooling is concerned.