‘The Sound of Freedom’ Driving Leftids Up the Wall

Sound of Freedom (2023) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

Hollywood didn’t want it, but the makers of The Sound of Freedom went out there on their own and their movie has proved to be a hit. So much so, that the Loving Left seems to have a real problem with it.

Now we’re hearing rumors that theater owners are shutting off their air conditioning (and claiming it’s “broken,” like we’d ever believe that) to suppress the box office for Sound of Freedom (https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/07/are_theatres_turning_off_airconditioning_to_suppress_the_box_office_for_emsound_of_freedomem.html).

It’s hard to believe theater owners would cut their own throats just to stick it to this movie, and I’m not ready to believe it. But the rumor wouldn’t be out there had not the lib crowd reacted so hysterically to the film’s success.

The Sound of Freedom stars Jim Caviezel as a man who gives up his career as a federal agent to devote himself to combating child sex trafficking. Why in the world should that upset the libs? You attack sex trafficking, and they are offended?

I call that “acting guilty.”

Quick quiz: Is there any real difference between child sex trafficking and the Transgender grooming that goes on in public schools, under the auspices of “educators” and teachers’ unions?

They like to say “We’re coming for your children.” We should believe them and act accordingly.