New, Improved! World Order

And here’s SloJo, babbling about a “New World Order…”

Dude! We already have a New World Order–remember? The one with George Bush and Obama and Klaus Schwab and that little pipsqueak over in France… Oh! And Justin Trudeau, too. I mean, we have a New World Order, so what you’re talkin’ about would be a New New World Order.

Later, in a secret speech delivered to phantom voters, SloJo said “The New New World Order, which we’ve got to lead, will be founded on voter fraud, taxation, private jets for high officials but only rickety old buses full of chicken-poop for the masses, a news media that never, ever, tells the truth, massive corruption like you wouldn’t believe was even possible, and total government control over everybody’s lives, with technicians from Red China to manage it.” He paused to grin vaguely at a spot on the ceiling. “It’s gonna be great!” he added. “President Harris will give you more details.”