Memory Lane: Hot, Hot, Hot!

Cute Chihuahua in a Hammock Outside in the Sun on a Hot ...

Now that “Pride” seems to be wearing out its welcome, and assorted boycotts are taking effect, it looks like Woke Inc. will try to take advantage of our current heat wave and hoist Global Warming/Climbit Chainge back to the top of their doomsday list.

They want you to be astounded and terrified of hot weather in July.

I remember lounging in the hammock in my grammy’s back yard, drinking root beer and reading Archie comics, as the temperature crept over 100 and stayed there–all week. Just a few years ago, trying to write outside and giving up when the temperature hit 112. And oh! Those hot summers of my childhood! Which was before anyone had home air conditioning. We couldn’t have survived without wading pools.

There have always been heat waves in the summer, there always will be, and no amount of ferocious taxation and truly daft restrictions on our day-to-day activities will ever change it. It’s only Democrats and globalists looking to put a leash on us, looking to control our lives. Because they have a perverted lust for it.

Remember the New Ice Age that they were all gaga about in the 1970s?

Could we have a new government, please? One that does not refuse to recognize its limits?