‘Privacy Not Included’ (Your Car Will Rat You Out)

Gulag Records Being Digitized, Not Destroyed, Russian Ministry Says

I wonder if they’ll let you drive to the gulag in the car that turned you in.

We got this from Mozilla this morning, and it’s rather scary: they tested cars from 25 different manufacturers, globally, and found that all of them included equipment for spying on their owners.


What they found was a “full-blown data collection… a nightmare on wheels,” making today’s cars, they said, “the worst product category we have ever reviewed for privacy.” They report that 84 percent of car companies share or sell your data.

To whom? All sorts of people–whoever wants to buy it.

What kind of personal information are they selling? All kinds–including whatever they can dig up about your sex life.

And when they start sharing it with the (ahem!) “Justice Department,” all bets are off. Our predatory government will have the dirt on everybody. Comply or else… and don’t ask “or else what?”

You won’t like the answer.