NPR Denies They’re Pushing ‘Eat Bugs’

Your Kids Would Rather Eat Bugs Than Veggies

“Mmm-mmm, yummy! Mealworms!”

Oh, no, we’ve never said people need to Save The Planet by eating bugs!

So says NPR, National Pubic Radio ( Why, that whole “Eat the bugs” thing is just another right-wing conspiracy to make us look like the idiots we are! We never said that!

What bunk. Far Left Crazy, including NPR, has been pushing bug cuisine for the past several years. Do they think we’ve all got amnesia?

As recently as March 18 of this year I posted “They Want Your Kids to Eat Bugs” (

That was just one of several headlines. If I had a dollar (it used to be a nickel, but that was before Bidenflation) for every time I saw a nooze item about globalists pushing us to eat bugs, I could buy an electric car.

For some reason that completely eludes them, they can’t imagine why the public has had such a negative reaction to their “Eat the bugs” campaign. Since 2018 I’ve posted several articles about it, from various sources.

Why are we still funding NPR? That’s the real mystery.