They Want Your Kids to Eat Bugs

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Fill in the blank and win a tin foil hat! I keep on sending my kids to public schools because________.

And don’t ever think your school is a safe place for your kids because you live in a Red state–Utah, for instance. The same teachers’ unions, the same teachers’ colleges, the same Far Left wackos own public education in all 50 states.

In a Utah middle school this week, the, um, “teacher” got her kids to eat bugs ( Why? ‘Cause it’ll Save The Planet! And teacher will give you extra credit! And if you won’t do it… well, go ahead, make their day.

After chowing down on creepy-crawlies, Teacher had the kids write essays about why it’s so good to eat bugs. She told them what to write. All children were required to endorse bug-eating–no other opinion allowed.

Well, you’ve got to admit they’re learning something. “Welcome to your course in How To Knuckle Under To A Dictator!”

Is this more than just disgusting? Is it evil and perverse?

That’s public education!

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  1. This kind of thing used to be held up as one of the humiliations inflicted on prisoners in reeducation (read: torture and brainwashing) camps. Children are the newest political prisoners in Communist America.

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