‘Our God, He is Alive’

(I don’t like the cough my wife, Patty, has this morning. We would appreciate your prayers for her.)

Beautiful harmony: Our God, He is Alive, sung by the Kingdom Quartet. Scenery by the hand of God the Father.

Wow! ‘Our God, He Is Alive’

I found this video on Marcia Settles’ blog today (“A Mom Looking Up”), and I just had to find it on YouTube so I could share it with you all. (Note: I don’t know how to transfer a video from anywhere else.)

This was sung aboard a cruise ship with Acappella Singing Cruises–in a casino, of all places! A casino? Well, our Lord Himself attended a party at Matthew the tax collector’s house…

Anyway, it’s a flash mob singing Our God, He Is Alive; and there’s something about a great big bunch of people singing a hymn together that stirs my soul.

Thanks, Marcia!

‘Our God, He Is Alive’

And to start our day, here’s the Kingdom Quartet beautifully singing Our God, He Is Alive. They don’t need musical instruments to back them up: their voices are the instrument, giving glory to God.