Crowd Boos AOC

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Rep. Alexandria O’Crazy-O Cortez was booed and cursed the other night at a “town hall” held in her own Congressional district in New York City (

We need to think some more about manufactured consent of the governed–as opposed to real consent, the principle upon which our Constitution is based.

Why would the Far Left Democrat Congresswoman expect to walk into any public place and be applauded? Does she believe the media when they tell her what a smash she is? Does she believe that the daft, irresponsible, and wicked public policies she stands for–non-existent borders, insane government spending on programs that no normal people support, and a blank check for Ukraine’s war effort–have any but minimal public support? Did she expect those people in Queens, NY, to stand up and cheer?

The prevailing politics seems to be: 1) Identify a cause or an interest that appeals only to a miniscule number of people, like “transgender”; 2) throw the whole weight of the Democrat Party behind it; 3) Use the nooze media to round up corporate and academic support, and to attack, viciously, anyone who dissents; 4) use Big Tech to silence objectors, and the FBI to spy on them; 5) and having done all that, present the illusion of consent: everybody in America except for a mere handful of malcontents is ready to swan-dive into the tar pit with you.

Just avoid places where you are likely to encounter real people.