Crowd Boos AOC

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Rep. Alexandria O’Crazy-O Cortez was booed and cursed the other night at a “town hall” held in her own Congressional district in New York City (

We need to think some more about manufactured consent of the governed–as opposed to real consent, the principle upon which our Constitution is based.

Why would the Far Left Democrat Congresswoman expect to walk into any public place and be applauded? Does she believe the media when they tell her what a smash she is? Does she believe that the daft, irresponsible, and wicked public policies she stands for–non-existent borders, insane government spending on programs that no normal people support, and a blank check for Ukraine’s war effort–have any but minimal public support? Did she expect those people in Queens, NY, to stand up and cheer?

The prevailing politics seems to be: 1) Identify a cause or an interest that appeals only to a miniscule number of people, like “transgender”; 2) throw the whole weight of the Democrat Party behind it; 3) Use the nooze media to round up corporate and academic support, and to attack, viciously, anyone who dissents; 4) use Big Tech to silence objectors, and the FBI to spy on them; 5) and having done all that, present the illusion of consent: everybody in America except for a mere handful of malcontents is ready to swan-dive into the tar pit with you.

Just avoid places where you are likely to encounter real people.

‘Are We Being “Engineered”?’ (2020)

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Three years after originally posting this, I find no more room left for doubt. The consent of the governed, foundational to our country’s laws and culture, is now a manufactured consent.

Which is to say it’s not real.

Are We Being ‘Engineered’?

Did they ask us first, when they chose to lock us down? Did they ask for permission to transgender our children? Did they ask us if we wanted to be governed by freaks?

Well, why should they, if they can always create the illusion of “consent”?

My Newswithviews Column, July 8 (‘Can They Hijack Our Dreams?’)

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;The Nightmare’ by Fuseli

Are there any good ideas out there, anymore, or only bad ones?

How about letting advertisers target us in our dreams, while we sleep? How does that rate as a truly wretched idea?

Can They Hijack Our Dreams?

Our ruling class is in love with Manufactured Consent–so much more convenient than real consent!

Maybe they’d like manufactured people, too.

Is This Stuff Scaring You Yet?

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Two major innovations in government have come along in just the past year and a half or so. Both are evil.

*Manufactured Consent: Just rig the election so it looks like your guy really won, and then claim a Mandate–say, 80 million votes–to do absolutely anything you want. And if it wrecks the country, what do you care?

*Recruiting the private sector to do the government’s dirty work. Why pass unconstitutional laws that might be overturned in court–not likely, anymore, but still remotely possible–when you can get people who are not in the government to oppress their fellow citizens? For example, the First Amendment forbids the government from taking away our freedom of speech–but it doesn’t forbid Mark Zuckerberg from doing so.

We learned this on the playground–the bigger the bully, the more little henchmen he has who are even more odious than he. The stores and streets are jam-packed full of Starsky and Hutch wannabes who’ll get in your face if your Mandate Mask isn’t where they think it should be. They’d be shocked if they knew where I think it should be.

Our whole American way of doing politics has been broken down suddenly, and every day now we find ourselves on unmapped ground.

But we’ve got this: “Honest! We’ll give you your freedom back as soon as we have a germ-free environment! You have our word on it!”

Governed by thieves, idiots, lunatics, liars, bullies, and whores…

In Case You’re Wondering…

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t written about the fun and games on Capitol Hill today, and the Senate elections in Georgia–well, you don’t really need me for that, do you? The nooze is all over the place today.

Our country is the victim of an unprecedented crime, the theft of a national election by means of massive fraud–and we don’t know what to do about it. We’ve never before faced a crisis quite like this. All we know now is that the villains can never be voted out again: they’ve learned how to rig elections. Consequently, every election from now on will have a cloud of suspicion over it.

Democrats don’t care. They’ve got voting machines that reliably give them manufactured consent. They no longer need any public support for their agenda. Checks and balances? Kiss ’em goodbye. There will be no more checks and balances. Dominion Systems has given them… dominion. Consent of the governed has become unnecessary, replaced by manufactured consent. By fraud.

We don’t know what to do. We don’t know how to take our country back. Elections don’t matter anymore.

O Lord our God! For whom all things are possible, for whom nothing is too hard. Even at this late hour, Lord, we plead with you to save us. Hear our prayers and fight for us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If They Can Do It To Us, They Can Do It To You

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Are we the same people who turned out for the Boston Tea Party?

God knows what tomorrow will bring; but at the moment we’re staring down the barrel of a fraudulent election and the installation of a doddering, crooked puppet in the White House and the imposition of a Far Left Crazy agenda on America.

It’s true we’re in this trouble because of our sins, our sloth, and our folly. But we’re also in it because the global bad guys have developed technology that enables them to steal a national election–any nation’s election: even ours. They have done away with the need for any consent of the governed. Their computers spit out Manufactured Consent. Public support has become irrelevant. Unnecessary.

Historically, America is the home of government by the consent of the governed: it’s in our Declaration of Independence. This is where consent of the governed lives. Our country has been the model for other nations looking to establish fair and decent government.

Now where will they go to find it?

Attention, world! If they can do this to America, they can do it to anybody. Freedom? Kiss it goodbye. However many votes the tyrant needs to saw off your leg and eat it, he’ll get them out of a Dominion Systems voting machine networked with Communist China. And he’ll tell you that you all voted for it! Just like we all voted for China Joe Biden.

If you like your freedom, it’s getting kind of late in the game to protect it.

In Jesus’ name, may God the Father set our sins aside and fight for us, to deliver us out of the hands of the profoundly wicked.

‘What Beliefs Will We Be Allowed to Have?’ (2015)

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At the time, this came to nothing. But that was before Democrats learned how to steal a presidential election.

What Beliefs Will We Be Allowed to Have?

See, now that the voting machines will spit out however many votes they need, they can do anything they please and never worry about being voted out of office. They will govern not by the consent of the governed, but by manufacturing consent as needed.

And then they can pass laws telling us what we can believe and what we can’t. If they even bother anymore to go through the charade of enacting laws.

The Evil Must Not Stand

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With the media gaslighting us 24/7 (“Joe Biden is our president! He is, he is!”) and the surrender monkeys up on Capitol Hill all set to hand the country over to crooks and predators with whom they’ve shared the booty for years, and every villain’s hand raised against our president, Donald Trump–well, we just have to pray harder!

Government by Manufactured Consent must not be allowed to stand. This monstrous travesty of an election, with evidence of fraud and crime heaped up as high as the sky, must be overturned–even if it takes the hand of God to do it.

Crime must not flourish. Criminals must not seize control of countries. People seem to think, “Aw, what the hell does it matter, it’ll just go back to business as usual…”

Are you mad? Do you not listen? We are drifting into the hands of exceedingly wicked people whose notion of “normal”–trust me!–you don’t ever want to see. They committed this great unprecedented crime of stealing an election because they expected a fabulous reward! For them, not for you.

Oh Lord our God! Our sins, our folly, our sloth have gotten us into all this trouble, from which we cannot climb out without your aid. Your anger against us is righteous and just. But we entreat you, O God, to set aside your anger and let it fall instead on the heads of the wicked persons who have done this thing: America’s enemies, foreign and domestic. Smite them, O Lord! Deliver us out of their hands. Not for our sake, but for Jesus’ sake. Not for our sake, but for your own name’s sake: that all the world might see your glory and your power; that all the world might know that you are God. In Jesus’ name and by the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 17 (‘The Age of Manufactured Consent’)

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“Have we showed her the hairs on our legs yet, my precious? Gollum-gollum!”

I really don’t think people are mad enough about this: using new technology and old tricks, Democrats and Red China have stolen our 2020 presidential election. Stolen it right out from under us and installed a puppet, a satrap, China Joe Biden, who campaigned by lurking in his basement.

The Age of Manufactured Consent

They have taken away our power to grant or not to grant consent. They liked the Swamp just as it was, the used every dirty trick in the book to stop Donald Trump from draining it, and now they can do anything they please because they now have an unlimited supply of fake votes to generate a fake consent!

Do you get it? Public opinion no longer matters. Public support is no longer needed for any crackpot policy the Swamp decides to impose on us.

We really need to be much angrier about this than we seem to be.

Do We Let the Fear Destroy Us?

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I was talking with a small business owner yesterday, who was sick at heart over the perversion and corruption of our national election, but couldn’t think of anything to be done about it.

Because, he said, to invalidate it, to overturn it, would unleash riots.

Well, yes, naturally he’s afraid. They might burn down his store. With him in it, maybe. But where does that lead us? To this: Whoever can stage the biggest and most violent riots owns the country.

That’s no future.

We are perilously close to losing our republic, losing our freedom, losing all our rights–because if you can steal elections, if you can dictate the outcome before the votes are cast, then you never have to worry about being voted out of office and you can do anything you please. You have a government based on a manufactured consent of the governed, and an end to accountability.

Are we willing to pay that price, in hopes that the rioters will leave us alone until the next time they take to the streets?

Uh… How about we send in a whole bunch of paddy wagons and scoop up the rioters and take them out of circulation for a good long time? How about we meet their lawless violence with the full force of the law?

We’ll soon see just who our leaders are more afraid of–rioters or citizens.