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Cat & Rat: A Love Story

I’ve had cats and I’ve had rats, but never at the same time. Our rats were wonderful pets, smart and affectionate. If rats could live ten years, they’d be reading and writing and starting businesses. It doesn’t seem odd to me that a cat and a rat could become best friends. That’s domestication. Wild cats and rats–yeah, that’d be odd.

(Thanks, Susan, for sending us this video)

Cats & Babies: The Movie

Don’t you hate movies that call themselves “The Movie”? I mean, what else would you think it was?

Anyway, time for a bit of coziness. Can’t beat cats and babies for that.

Note to parent with fantastically bad idea: Do not allow your toddler to play with electrical appliances. The cat won’t always be around to make him stop.

Cat-O-Phobic Dogs


Really, this is pathetic–big, strong dogs afraid of fuzzy little cats. Okay, a few of the dogs are cat-sized; they get a pass. But the others? For shame.

How scary is a cat? My little painted turtle used to live in hope that Henry the cat would feed him. He’d paddle all around, looking up expectantly at Henry–who was sitting there because, I think, he liked to watch the turtle. Who knows what was really going on between those two?

Krazy Kittens

Lost a ton of time trying to get the accursed evil computer to work, so there’s only time for a short video.

Kittens chasing ping pong balls. Don’t you wish you had that much energy? Although an adult human with that much energy might be exasperating company…

Puppy and Chicks

If this little puppy had read his Konrad Lorenz, he would have known that his being so chummy with those baby chicks would attach them to him for life. He’d be a grown-up dog and they’d be grown-up chickens, and they would still be following him around.

But we can all think of worse things than that, can’t we?

Another Cat Named Henry

We had a cat named Henry. The vet said she’d never heard of naming a cat Henry. So I really had to post this video, because there’s a cat named Henry in it. Getting sung to be a bird. Our Henry would have eaten the bird.

There’s another bird here, who seems a bit jealous of all the attention the cockatiel is getting, and a black cat who doesn’t pay any attention to any of it. As for this Henry, he seems to appreciate the serenade.

Bird Serenades Bunny

This is priceless! I don’t know what it means, I can’t imagine what the bunny thinks of it–but it had me laughing out loud. A medley of movie and TV show theme tunes, performed by a cockatiel for the edification of a bunny. Except the bunny runs away before it’s over.

I think this might be the kind of thing they’re going to study at Quokka University.

Whoa, Hamster! (Bonus Video)

This is too short to serve as our feature fillum tonight, but it’s well worth seeing. Is this a super-hamster? Look at him take those stairs! One cannot but marvel…

Do Not Disturb My Cat!

Little Miss Rosycheeks isn’t about to let anyone disturb her sleeping cat. “It’s my cat, and you get your big fat human paws off him!” Now I’ve seen everything.

Robbie has just jumped onto the windowsill and scared off a whole flock of doves. It’s going to take a while for Birds Loving Cats to get popular.

Perpetual Motion Kittens

When they’re not actually asleep, kittens can be perpetual motion machines. That time we brought Buster and Missy home, their first night here, I was moved to cry out, “Are you sure there are only two of them?” But at least they never found their way into the innards of the box spring, like Robbie and Peep did.

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