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No More Work? Now What’ll We Do?

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We’re hearing a lot of talk about a “post-work world” where everybody gets free money from the government and doesn’t have to work. This is the trend, they say. This is what’s ahead for us, like it or not.


I was reading an article in The Atlantic, “A World Without Work,” and it was holding my interest until about a third of the way through, when I crashed into this quote.

“With the right government provisions… the end of wage labor will allow for a golden age of well being.”

Honk if you’ve ever heard anything stupider than that.

Hey, sunshine–what if we wind up with the wrong government provisions?

And right or wrong, what are people supposed to do if they don’t work anymore? Write symphonies? Cowboy poetry? Or maybe just lie around getting high and maybe a spot of adultery, if they can summon up the oomph for it. Oh–and where’s the money supposed to come from, to pay all these people who aren’t ever going to work again?

But then we already know what happens when government promises a golden age. If you don’t know that, how would you like to buy a one-way ticket to Venezuela?

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