For the Climbit Change Crowd, a Question

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It’s summertime! Thursday is the Fourth of July. And you know what that means!

It means the Save The Planet/Grow the Government mob will be howling at the moon, demanding we submit to them or else be drowned by Global Warming, etc. And every week will be ballyhooed as the hottest week ever, no s***, and every month the hottest month AND OMG WE’VE ONLY GOT TWELVE YEARS WHAT’RE WE GONNA DOOOOO–!

Why is it that nobody ever questions these jerks? True, they duck questions, and the Far Left nooze media will never ask them anything but softball questions. I guess you would have to grab one of them, tie him to a stake, and literally put a gun to his head before you could get an answer to your question. Nevertheless, if I could ever ask it, this is what I’d ask:

“How, exactly, do you propose to control the whole earth’s climate–ignoring the fact that there is no planetary climate, but only lots of local and regional climates–and tailor it so that year-round weather conditions are just right? What if they’re just right for you and just too bloody awful for words for someone else? And how will you control factors like the sun’s output, continental drift, volcanoes and earthquakes, El Nino, etc.? Have you got a plan for all that?”

Wouldn’t you just love to see one of those commie ding-dongs even try to answer that?