Pushing Our ‘Culture’ Onto Other Nations

Paperback The Ugly American Book

It isn’t “ugly” when they do it, is it?

Hey! Remember “cultural imperialism”? Leftids used to complain about it: flooding other countries with MacDonald’s, Disneyland, American TV and movies, etc., etc. Forcing it down their throats, as it were. When I was in junior high school there was even a best-selling novel and a major motion picture, The Ugly American, devoted to this issue.

But now that they’re in power, the American Left is frantically pushing “gay rights,” “transgender rights,” and abortion onto countries for whose cultures these are unwelcome and rather scary innovations. (Hat tip to Victor Davis Hanson for his essay, https://www.laconiadailysun.com/opinion/columns/victor-davis-hanson-the-new-ugly-americans/article_8af8e004-ea95-11ed-a0fc-fbd690a80c05.html).

For instance: our State Dept. has offered Pakistan $500,000 for English language courses, $75,000 of which has been earmarked for Pakistan’s “transgender youth.” No explanation has been offered for that. We are reminded that they splurged for $787 million for “gender studies” programs in Afghanistan. Of all places.

This is what we export to what used to be called “the under-developed world”?

Pakistan is a starkly Islamic state in which homosexuality is against the law… but being a tranny isn’t. In Pakistan, “gender reassignment” is seen by the government as a means of “correcting” homosexuality. Which doesn’t stop “mob violence” against the transgendered. Things are kind of confusing over there.

Meanwhile Uganda has a big beef with the Western world, including us, for trying to force “gay rights” into their culture.

Once again, “diversity” boils down to strictly enforced uniformity. Might as well throw away your dictionary.