Another Reason Why the Schools Are So Awful

They’re crazier than he is.

(Ahem!) America’s education industry–

Wait, stop: we need a new word. An industry produces something of value that people want. What we have in public education is the opposite of an industry. It produces worthless garbage.

The latest wrinkle: special “educational consultants” hired by school districts to audit their operation and recommend improvements.

The Farmington schools in Michigan hired “US2” to audit their program, paid them $75,000 of other people’s money to do it… and received a report recommending “reprogramming teachers who resist” the recommendations (

A major problem identified by US2 was “systemic familialism,” a positively crazy notion that somehow having an intact family constitutes an unfair “privilege.” They also warned against “saneism.” Being sane is bad.

Oh, the whole damned thing is loopy!

This is how we educate our children? These are the educators? They pump this garbage into children’s heads and expect the country to have a future?

But the real mystery is why people continue to send their kids to public school. Do you want them “taught” by imbeciles?