Another Reason Why the Schools Are So Awful

They’re crazier than he is.

(Ahem!) America’s education industry–

Wait, stop: we need a new word. An industry produces something of value that people want. What we have in public education is the opposite of an industry. It produces worthless garbage.

The latest wrinkle: special “educational consultants” hired by school districts to audit their operation and recommend improvements.

The Farmington schools in Michigan hired “US2” to audit their program, paid them $75,000 of other people’s money to do it… and received a report recommending “reprogramming teachers who resist” the recommendations (

A major problem identified by US2 was “systemic familialism,” a positively crazy notion that somehow having an intact family constitutes an unfair “privilege.” They also warned against “saneism.” Being sane is bad.

Oh, the whole damned thing is loopy!

This is how we educate our children? These are the educators? They pump this garbage into children’s heads and expect the country to have a future?

But the real mystery is why people continue to send their kids to public school. Do you want them “taught” by imbeciles?

The Next Wave of Perversion

Plesiosaur (Invicta) | Dinosaur Toy Blog

I’m already sick, and I don’t need a picture of these weirdos to make me sicker. Here instead is a very nice Plesiosaurus toy that I don’t have in my collection. Anybody know where I might get it?

(Note: This story appears to be from three years ago, but Campus Reform published it yesterday.)

We all know that being morbidly obese is to court an early death, don’t we?

Not so fast there! According to some jidrool at St. Olaf’s College (where else? They specialize in spiritual wickedness) who calls herself “The Fat Sex Therapist,” fitness trainers are “nazis,” “diet culture” is an assault on one’s body image, and dieting itself “an attack on Fat Culture” (

(Did I mention that people wanting to lose weight is a sinister plot by white supremacists? Honk if you’ve ever met a white supremacist.)

She is leading a “liberation” of “fat-identifying students,” backed up by the Wellness Center, the Women’s and Gender Studies Dept., and the Center for Equity and Inclusion.

This is another one of those things that Far Left Crazy says is good to do. Being pregnant is an illness, being born into one sex or another a calamity, we should all at least try being a different gender–and fat is where it’s at!

Far Left Crazy culture and doctrine hands out a lot of tickets to many kinds of early deaths.  That’s why a lot of us think the whole business is Satanic. “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36).

If St. Olaf were alive today, heads would roll at that college.

You Still Like Public School?

I can’t believe we pay for this bilge!

A high school in Fairfax County, Virginia, has been compelling kids to play “privilege bingo”–an exercise in self-flagellation (

Yowsah, yowsah: this’ll help children “self-identify their privilege.”

Like, if your parents are married, or you’re a Christian, or in any other way partake of middle-class America… well, boo-hiss-boo to you! Can’t you see how monumentally unfair it is for you to have those advantages? The very least you can do, if you’re born white, is hate yourself!

They also attacked military families, of which there are quite a few in Fairfax County, but backed off when there was a public backlash.

Look, folks–do you really, truly want these people “educating” your children? What is the point of such asinine evil-minded “lessons,” other than to make children feel guilty and unworthy? You are paying people to do that to your children.

The only way for kids to be safe from public education is to not be in public education.

‘Even More Incredible: “Have Sex With the Earth!”‘ (2017)

See the source image

I think I can fairly say that in all my days in high school, and in college, too, I never once heard a teacher get up in front of the class and say something positively asinine.

What a difference a lifetime makes.

Even More Incredible: ‘Have Sex with the Earth’

Y’know, I think I could put together a fairly thick book just from blog posts on teachers and professors saying things not only asinine, but out-and-out stupid, up-front loony, or even solidly depraved. And parents are paying thousands and thousands of dollars to get it!

America cannot survive its “higher education” system. Just plain can’t.

‘Education’? Really? (You’re Schiffin’ Me…)

School Choice Nebraska Blog - School Choice Nebraska

They’re already much too strong!

You don’t have to pay a fortune to send your kids to a private school run by lunatics. Just about any public school will do.

Here’s a middle school in a suburb of Seattle where the Far Left wacko teaching 7th grade Language Arts assigned her class a “slam poem video” (whatever that is) entitled “White Hollywood” ( It’s the usual “why you should hate white people” garbage, with a lot of graphic sex thrown in.

Seventh grade. Official school assignment.

What is this, uh, “lesson” supposed to “teach”? Wah, who cares! We’re the teachers’ union, dude! We teach anything we want! And attendance is compulsory!

Once upon a time our public schools were owned by the community they served, and that paid for them. The community decided who was to teach in their schools, and what was to be taught. You pay for it, you own it: that’s how it was. But now all the public does is pay. Our ownership rights have been erased.

Complete the sentence and win a tin foil hat:

“I send my kids to public school to ‘learn’ this evil nonsense because __________.”

We’re killing our country. We really are. This is some of the stupid stuff we have to stop doing if we want to survive.

Bernie’s Mittens = ‘White Privilege’

Image result for images of bernie sanders with mittens

[Thanks to my chess buddy, “WannaBe,” for the nooze tip.]

At first glance, this nooze item is merely silly and trivial. But look again: it’s a symptom of the disease that’s killing our culture.

Senator Bernie Sanders, attending the inauguration of, ahem, “President” Joe Biden, found the weather very cold that day, so he wore a thick coat… and mittens. Like, instead of a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. This innocent and sensible choice of apparel won him a public condemnation by a San Francisco public high school “teacher,” published as an op ed in the San Francisco Chronicle and was used for fund-raising for an assortment of idiotic leftid causes.

The so-called teacher said the image of Bernie in his cold weather gear “epitomize(s) white privilege”–indeed, “white privilege, male privilege, and class privilege.”

We send our kids to public schools to be “taught” by Far Left idiots because ______________. Fill in the blank. I dare you.

No sympathy for Bernie, though! He’s spent years feeding this beast, and now it’s bitten him in the tuchas.

But now we have people picking fights for truly absurd non-reasons, freaking themselves out with imaginary grievances, infecting our institutions with their bitter follies, force-feeding it to children and college students–the whole Far Left Crazy taking the country on a thrill ride to disaster. And no one has thought of any effective way to stop it.

How does dressing warmly in cold weather make you a Racist?

We can only pray these wackos wind up devouring each other.

‘Even More Incredible: “Have Sex with the Earth”‘ (2017)

See the source image

What could be a bigger waste of money than college?

Why, oh, why are we paying hard-earned money to idiots and lunatics to (ahem!) “educate” our sons and daughters?

And how much are we paying out to clowns like this?

Even More Incredible: ‘Have Sex with the Earth’

We probably have about ten times as many “universities,” ten times as many professors and instructors, as any civilization can possibly need. It would be a giant step toward sanity to close them down. Not all of them. Only 90% of them.

There is no excuse for” teaching” schiff like this.

if Yiu Seen It, Yiu Done It!!!!!

Cucking stool - Wikipedia

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The buty “Of” it “is” that nhow Evvry Boddy thay are Gillty al The Time!!!!! How Grate is that?? I meen thay doughnt Say hoaw Close yiu has got to Be “to” “the” Act Of Hait wen “it” hapens and thay doughnt Tell yiu watt Is a Act Of Hait “and” watt Isnt,,, but We al know, doughnt we??? Like, Is this Jeaniess or watt???? We cant harrdly weight to Starrt Punitshing evvry boddy!!!!

Thiss it “is” Garrinteeed to Maik Americka a jenuwine Socile Juststus Coontry ful of Dyvercity and Free Stuph!!! Awl we has got to Do nhow is figgre Out “haow” we “are” goingto Punitsh peeple!! Thare “are” so menny scairy Punitshmints,, “Its” harrd to deside witch One!!!!!!! Tye themb to a Chare “and” shuv themb Unnder Waughter,, I say!!!


‘The Gender Unicorn’? Really?

Image result for images of the gender unicorn

Fill in the blank and win a year’s supply of toothpaste sandwich cookies!

“I send my kids to public school to be ‘educated’ by far-out wackos because _______.”

A “teacher” at Denair Middle School, northern California, recently had to be stopped from handing out to his students a worksheet called “The Gender Unicorn,” which asks children about their “sexual preferences” and “sexual attractions” ( Wow. Produced by “Trans Student Educational Resources.” The “teacher” instructs his seventh and eighth grade students to call him “Mx.”, not “Mr.”

Why do we have people like this teaching in our schools, on our dime? Why do we have no say at all in what we have to pay for?

The principal said she stopped the, er, “lessons” because the alleged teacher didn’t ask her permission before imposing them… and the parents didn’t like it.

Well, gee, folks! How many times do we have to tell you what’s going on in public schools? Don’t you believe us yet? I say “we” and “us” because it’s thousands of people telling the truth and no one’s listening.

At some point it will be too late to save our culture, no matter what we do.

So let’s not get to that point, shall we?