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Cats Who Love Their Toys

I don’t know… Whenever I buy nice cat toys for my cats, I wind up watching them play with cardboard boxes or paper bags. They really like the little curly scraps of cardboard that they peel off the boxes. I would like them to get exercise by some method other than fighting; but have you ever tried to get a cat to do anything she doesn’t feel like doing?

Sleepy Kitties: The Showdown

Cats have many ways of resisting the urge to sleep, none of them successful. They do much better resisting the urge to wake up. And I’m sorry, but that grey cat sleeping face-down on the armchair makes it into every cat video compilation. Besides, my cat Peep likes to sleep face-down. How she breathes, I just don’t know.

A Plethora of Pugs

My neighbor has two little pug dogs, a brother and a sister. She was taking them for a walk one day when a loose German shepherd attacked them and took a chunk out of the male; but his sister, about one-sixth the attacker’s size, speedily avenged her brother, going at the big dog like a fury and driving it away. You’ve just got to love a little dog with such a big heart! Her name is Alex, but I call her Braveheart.

Wild ‘n’ Crazy Hamsters

Why do I think a hamster would pay (if he had any money) to be inside a washing machine when it was in spin cycle?

Hey–who let those mice in on this hamster video? Oh: mice acting like hamsters. My mice always took turns on the wheel, one mouse at a time. None of this crazy hamster stuff with everybody on the wheel at once.

Do You Feed Your Cat Ice Cream?

I wouldn’t know about this, because my cats have no interest in ice cream, but scientists at the University of Lilliput call it “brain freeze” and have obtained a $215 million federal grant to study it. Along the way, they hope to discover what is any cat’s favorite flavor of ice cream.

More Kooky Critters

Cats and dogs get up to a lot of funny things. If we carefully examine these behaviors, applying a scientific something or other, they look, well, silly. Why do cats and dogs do silly things? I mean, if you had a pet starfish, it wouldn’t do anything silly.

Something’s going on inside those little furry heads–and we just might never find out what it is.

Kitten vs. Turtle: This Time, It’s Personal…

This reminds me of how my box turtles used to torment our dog, Rags, by strolling around his doghouse and eating his dog food. There was nothing he could do but bark his head off, which didn’t impress the turtles at all. They were box turtles: if he tried to bite them, they could just seal up their shells. Poor Rags, he got quite exasperated.

Here we have a Greek tortoise and… well, a kitten. A kitten who is up for the confrontation. I wouldn’t want to be in that turtle’s shoes.

Peeping Chuck

I guess if your home has a sliding glass door, you’re practically inviting woodchucks to peek inside.

I can’t be mad at woodchucks, though. Many years ago, there was a woodchuck who lived at the base of the left field fence on our softball field. One night I hit a line drive that rolled to the fence… and then down to woodchuck hole! The ground rules didn’t cover it, so I got to stroll around the bases for a leisurely home run while the left fielder loudly let the woodchuck know exactly what he thought of it.

I wonder how many balls I’d have to hit before that happened again.

More Cats in Boxes

Robbie was peering me from out of a rather small cardboard box which she likes to scrunch up in from time to time, and I’m afraid it affected my choice of a cat video. What ever did cats do with themselves before cardboard boxes were invented? I’ll bet they have some eerie folklore about those days.

Pet Potpourri

Did I spell that right? I did? Holy cow!

Meanwhile back in the video, there’s something for everybody in this one–a cockatiel who seems to think he’s a cat (you’ll see why), assorted happy dogs, guinea pigs, cats who know they’re cats, and a few others besides, all enjoying their lives with human beings. Kind of humbling, that these can love us so…

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