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Cats Gone Fishin’

These are some pretty snazzy fish tanks. How come, whenever you see a nice fish tank in a movie, it always (!) winds up being knocked down and broken?

Cats love fish tanks. “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquariums!” If your aquarium is too big for your cat to tip over, then it’s big enough for him to fall in. Kind of rough on the fish, wouldn’t you say?

Cats Who Love Babies

I don’t know what you’d call it, but I’d call it a good start in life–cuddling with a cat before you can toddle. And it’s astounding, how patient some of these cats are with human babies who appear to have mistaken them for some kind of furry squeaky-toy.

Yes, I’m convinced it’s a good idea to let your baby and your pet cuddle and play together. Unless your pet is a lobster. Then all bets are off.

Stoic Cat, Not-so-Stoic Guinea Pigs

Those little balls of fluff running all around the playroom are guinea pigs, and the cat is trying heroically to ignore them. They don’t want to be ignored. Maybe the cat is preparing for an audition as a Buckingham Palace guard. Maybe the guinea pigs are helping him rehearse.

If you can get a cat to stop ignoring you, that’s an achievement.

Do You Like Lizards?

Well, I do! Some of you, I fear, think lizards are icky. Maybe I can win you over, with help from some of the little characters in this video.

By the way, the iguana riding the rumba is highly annoyed with someone or something. You can learn to read their body language, which is really quite expressive.

Eventually the Australian bearded lizards will make friends with the orange cat, once he’s convinced of the cat’s good intentions.

And you’ve got to love the baby chameleon who’s seeing running water for the first time and thinks he ought to be able to grab hold of it and climb it. Live and learn.

A Break from the Nooze: Singing to Your Cat

Fah! Enough of the nooze! Time for something clean and sane.

Do you sing to your cat? I do; and I have better luck with it than the woman in this video. My cats like it when I sing to them. It’s only when I play the harmonica that they run away. In this they are totally unfair. My harmonica-playing is much better than my singing.

Last night Robbie joined me as I was doing dishes, and looked up at me with an air of expectancy. So I sang what has turned out to be her favorite song: “I am Iraq,” Sung to the tune of the old Simon and Garfunkel song, “I am a Rock.”

I am Iraq! I am an Iiiiiiireland!

And Iraq feels no pain. And Ireland never cries…

I could tell she liked it because she didn’t run away and hide.

Klepto Hamster

Gee, this has all the makings of a Youtube challenge–see who can stuff the most toilet paper into his or her cheeks. The winner gets to be **Famous**! Or have they done that one already?

Here is a hamster stealing toilet paper and stuffing it into his cheeks; but the hamster has a really good reason for it. You can probably guess what it is. No, it has nothing to do with showing up the other pets as peasants and poltroons.

This, he said, is what it means to be a hamster.

A Very Musical Household

This is what you get when Daddy and Mommy are musicians–a musical household.

Well, at any rate you get a dancing toddler and a dog who plays the piano and sings, insofar as a dog can do such things. Betcha J.S. Bach had this in his house! Anyway, we saw it last night and I knew I’d have to share it with you all.

More Cats and Mirrors

Cats confronting mirrors–it gets me every time. These cats just don’t get it. Or do they? Sometimes it seems they’re making a game of it.

I held up a mirror, once upon a time, to my little dime-store “chameleon” (Carolina anole, to give the lizard its proper name), and he totally freaked out. No game there! I had to take the mirror away before he did himself a mischief.

Dogs vs. Horror Movies

Here we go again with our pets getting all peoply on us. To wit, dogs trying to watch horror movies on TV. The dogs in these videos just can’t take it.

I’m sure there are dogs (and cats) who don’t care what’s on the tube, they don’t even notice. But the ones who try to be like us, they really get into television. We are obviously a bad influence on them.

Cats and Dogs Doing Peoply Things

Note: “Peoply” is my word, I coined it, I own it.

I knew someone who taught his cat to use the toilet, so much so, they didn’t need a litter box anymore. But the cat never did learn to flush.

As for dogs watching television–really, now, don’t you have a squeaky toy to play with?

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