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Patience is a Catly Virtue

I wish we could know what a little baby is thinking when he first discovers a cat’s tail. And yes, my mother would definitely have plotzed, when she saw what use one baby made of the cat’s tail.

What cats have to put up with, from babies and puppies–!

Charming Critters

I would’ve liked this video to be longer, but what we’ve got is nice. Especially the little Australian frilled lizard chasing a man 100 times its size: you’ve got to admire so much ambition.

The rest of the critters are fuzzy.

A Fuzzy Shoulder to Cry On

Cats excel at comforting crying babies–who knew? Some of the kids in this video are a little old to be sitting around crying, but cats comfort them, too. A few of these cats can even turn crying into laughing.

Better than Play-Doh!

Dogs and Magic Tricks

A disproportionate number of these dogs seem to be huskies. Are huskies particularly credulous, as dog breeds go?

Okay, they did pull the wool over one cat’s eyes, too. He has since been suspended from membership in the cats’ union. And just try the disappearing human trick on any box turtle, and see how far you get.

It is said that The Great Mister Mysto had a pet gopher who never even watched him perform his tricks, but preferred to spend all his time underground.

Funny Cats and Goofy People

Yo, Einstein! Take the cat out of the bathtub, okay?

And then there’s the weird little box that makes strange noises when the cat moves close to it. Watch the cat try to figure out how it works. Watch me try to figure out what it’s for. Somebody paid good money for that. And they say cats are funny.

Cats Obstreporating

I’ve never understood why cats calmly, methodically knock things off shelves. Sometimes they lean over to watch the things bounce off the floor. Are they playing Galileo? You need a Leaning Tower of Pisa for that.

Our cats don’t do this. They don’t have to. Their twitchy tails knock things off our shelves. They are playing Stegosaurus.

Better Late than Never: Cat Video

I apologize for posting this video so late in the day. I was overcome by its high levels of cuteness, and have only just now recovered.

Walk Like a Cat

I’ve never had a cat that walked on its hind legs like the cats in this video. My iguana could do it, but only after he got up a good head of steam. I wonder if there’s any way to induce Peep or Robbie to try it. This would give us enormous prestige.

Cats & Babies: the Legend

Maybe if I write enough headlines like that, I’ll become a legend.

Here we find cats highly motivated to love and protect human babies. And we also find evidence that the human urge to put stuff on cats is probably basic to our nature. It’s always intriguing to see how many things you can put on a cat before he runs out of patience with it.

Not-so-Peaceful Coexistence

Those howling huskies give me a whole new appreciation of lizards and turtles as pets.

Anyway, it’s nice when all your pets get along, but it’s not something you can count on all the time. Our two cats would cheerfully murder each other, although they will close ranks if a moth or spider threatens them. They may believe they’re protecting us.

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