The Loving Left at It Again

I’d almost watch this, just because libs hate it so.

For liberals, everything is politics–even such a content-free TV show as Dancing With the Stars.

See, they’ve got Sean Spicer, who was once President Trump’s press secretary, as a guest celebrity contestant–and the home audience keeps voting him back onto the show ( This makes leftids very, very angry.

How angry? Well, the show’s host says one of these loving sweetness-‘n’-light lefties spotted his son on the sidewalk and went chasing after him in his car, screaming at him and threatening him, scaring the child out of his wits. And of course the host had to delete his Twitter account because “progressives” submerged it in a torrent of hatred and abuse. Like they always do. Always.

And all because a former press secretary to the president they hate is a contestant on the show.

Can you imagine what they’d be doing to Donald Trump’s milkman, if he had one?