They Sexually Assaulted Each Other… Simultaneously?

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Cultural liberalism can get really complicated.

In a column in The Atlantic, Caitlin Flanagan complains, “The current state of policing sex on campus is repressive” ( Let that sink in for a minute: “policing sex on campus.”

According to policies currently in vogue at assorted looniversities, Flanagan says, it’s possible for two parties to sexually assault each other at the same time; and the winner is the one who gets to the Title IX complaint office first. Like, whichever party wakes up first after a “drunken hookup,” and pre-empts the other party’s complaint by making his or hers first.

I’ll tell you what’s blinkin’ simultaneous: liberalism’s weird mix of sexual revolution, sexual anarchy, and a crazy pseudo-puritanism that looks to some higher legal authority to referee sexual encounters. It’s so weird, I really don’t know if I’m explaining it right. “Do it” every chance you get, but be prepared, at any time, to be accused of some kind of sexual assault, intended or not. In this it resembles Russian roulette.

Higher education. Hot dog.

Our benighted popular culture touts all sex, all the time, but also wants to be the Spanish Inquisition. I don’t blame anybody for not understanding it. I’m sure I don’t understand it.

If anybody comes out of college sane anymore, it’s probably by accident.