They’re At It Again

Our sentiments exactly!

The drunken sailors up on Capitol Hill recently passed a $1.7 trillion spending bill, 4,000 pages long… 19 lines of which give the government power to say what medicines your doctor can prescribe, under what circumstances, and heaven help him if he doesn’t slavishly obey (

How come no one in Congress has ever introduced a bill to limit the length of any piece of legislation, and limit the number of topics it covers? Come on! Show us a member of Congress, any member, who has read this whole cotton-pickin’ thing cover to cover.

In about one in five cases, doctors prescribe a medicine or a device which, although not explicitly recommended for treatment in such a case, is chosen because it works. This is known as an “off-label” use. Those 19 lines in the 4,000-page bill would ban off-label uses of drugs or medical devices.

Now I hate conspiracy theories and usually try not to listen to tales of assorted badnesses by Big Pharma. But this can’t be ignored. Big Pharma is in bed with Big Government, and any resulting offspring will be a monster.

These people just will not leave us alone. They want to control everything. It’s an uncontrollable lust. There aren’t enough booby hatches to contain it.