Mr. Nature: Spring Peepers, the Next Generation

You’ve heard the peepers calling–some of you, in your own back yards–and they’ve laid their eggs. Time for them to hatch!

Mr. Nature here–and watch God’s stuff work. Time-lapse photography allows us to watch the embryos developing in the eggs until they’re ready to hatch out and swim away. In another month or two they’ll be frogs.

If you watch closely you can just make out some exceedingly tiny creatures swimming here and there. A newly-hatched spring peeper tadpole is about the size of the fingernail on a human baby’s finger; so these other critters, whatever they are, are just barely visible without a microscope.

Life! God planted it all over the planet.

P.S.–Help me maintain this blog today without writing about the cotton-pickin’ coronavirus! And no, I absolutely do not no way care what Alyssa Milano has to say about it. I don’t care that she was in a movie once. I won a spelling bee in junior high school. So what? Let’s stay real.