School Demands ‘Silent Cheers’

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There’s all sorts of violence and civil strife to write about today, but a lot of people are already writing about it–so, lest it be lost in the shuffle, I direct your attention to yet another example of culture rot brought about by our public education system. It’s not as exciting as the violence; but if you think you can culturally eviscerate a whole civilization and still maintain the public order, you’re as crazy as these so-called educators.

At the Elanora Heights Public School in Sydney, Australia, students are no longer allowed to applaud or cheer at an assembly, lest they offend those who are “sensitive to noise.” Therefore, only a “silent cheer” will be permitted ( ).

Gee, does that go for school sporting events, too? I can imagine cheerleaders silently signaling with flags in semaphore, while the crowd in the bleachers silently mimes clapping.

We are not told what education genius thought this up.

This whole idea that everybody, but everybody, has to submit to all sorts of changes, just to accommodate you–well, I can hardly find words for it. This is how collidge students wind up whimpering for “safe space” where they will never see or hear anything that they don’t like. This is how a town loses its annual Christmas parade because a single atheist complains, and gets to impose his arrogance upon the whole community.

Much more of this, and people will no longer know how to live together: and the end products of this kind of education will be unemployable and totally useless to society, spoiled little crybabies who can’t stand not to get their way. That comes in really handy in the workplace.

Public education is an enemy that must be overthrown. It has become totally perverted–although if you read the writings of its founders, something like this was its intention all along.

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip)

School Cancels ‘America Day’

There’s got to be an upside to having your kids educated by prattling idiots. I just haven’t found it yet.

At Jackson Hole High School, in Wyoming, the principal recently canceled the school’s “America Day” because, he said, a lot of “immigrant” students might feel sad and blue and “left out” ( ). Students revolted by wearing American-flag themed clothes and flying the flag on their cars.

Hey, Einstein–I thought the point of immigrating to America was to become an American. Not to remain a foreigner residing in a strange land because he hopes to get freebies from the government. So who is left out? The message of America Day would be, “You’re all Americans now.”

Oh, but the high school principal has to “balance” everybody’s feelings!

No wonder the students never seem to get around to learning anything.