‘The Ultimate Safe Space’ (2016)

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Where can you go where there’s no one richer, better-looking, smarter, or more talented than you? Where nowhere is heard a discouraging word? Or any word at all, for that matter.

The cemetery is the ultimate safe space!

The Ultimate Safe Space

It’s even better than college, because there’s no pressure to do anything. Well, okay, there are colleges like that, too. They come as close to being a graveyard as you can with the inhabitants still technically alive.

And best of all–even after you’re buried, you can still vote!

She Took on All that Student Debt…for You

So… “why did she” take on all that student debt, earning a degree in heaven-knows-what, for some reason they won’t tell us–but why did she go so deep into the hole?

For you, you sucker. Because she wanted to work for you.

I hope you had a barf bag handy.

Yes, those long hours of molding Play-Doh into vaguely familiar shapes, learning newfangled pronouns that your Gender Studies faculty just made up the other day, all those protests, all that cramming for your final exam in Superhero Comic Book Studies, all that tearing your hair out because you didn’t get a trigger warning in advance and the misogyny in The Great Gatsby just knocked you for a loop…

She did it because she wanted to work for you.

And hey, the least you can do, Mr. Employer–oops, oops, my bad! should never say “mister”!–after you’ve hired this brand-new college graduate–who may or may not show up on time, or show up for work at all, on any given day; who will either dissolve into hysterical tears or erupt into fury if she hears anyone say anything she doesn’t like; who will demand that you treat her with kid gloves–the very, very least you can do is…

Help her pay off all that student debt! I mean, it’s only Social Justice! You pay the debt, sunshine! And here’s what you get for it.


College Just Gets Worse and Worse

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At Rollins College, Florida, they all but beheaded a Christian student for objecting to a Muslim instructor’s assertion, made in front of the class, that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a hoax ( https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/03/30/floridas-rollins-college-suspends-student-for-disagreeing-with-muslim-instructor-who-said-jesus-crucifixion-was-a-hoax/ ).

Yeah. The Romans were really big on fake crucifixions.

Well, the beheadings won’t come until after the college adopts sharia law; so for the time being, they just suspended the student. Because he disagreed with her claim, the instructor reported him to the “Dean of Safety”–hint: if your college has a Dean of Safety, your college has too much money and too many employees–for the “danger” he was “causing to the campus.”

Danger? Are these people quite all there?

College officials said the student’s remark would “jeopardize the safety and well-being of members of the College community.” I think that answers the question: No, they are not all there.

I wonder what would’ve happened if, instead of speaking out in class, the student had himself gone to the Dean of Safety and accused the instructor of making him feel unsafe. I rather think those jihad wannabes have that effect on a lot of people.

Your tuition dollars at work!

And so we say again, because we must: Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters do not send them to a university to be mal-educated. And I have no idea why they keep on doing it.

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip.)

Safe Spaice For all!!!

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Hear at Collidge we “are” al exited by what Thay are “doing” At Rosefelt Unavarsity In Chickago making “the” hole Campas into Safe Spaice so That evryboddy in The world thay “can” come to Ammerica! So we whant To Do it tooo!

Thiss it wil reely fix Donold Trumpt and show “him that” he cant keeep noboddy Out Of this here contry! He is so stopid, he dont Know We Are The world and we are “alll” Citruzens Of the world!!! Jist waight till he “Sees” al The Hash Tags wee gots! he wil probbly jist sit downe And criy! Evry Time i send a Emale now it wil Say #YiuAreAlWelkomeHere! Exept for christins and Climbit Change Denyars!

My prefesser he “says it Is” time For thare not “to” be No Nations anyymore jist One Big Nation with One Big Govvermant for evryboddy and i hope pressadint Obamma he wil “be” pressadint of One Big Govvermant and i think Hillery she be pressadint tooo we can Have them Both!!! And aslo Lots of Sciance! becose yiu cant doo nothing With-out a Lot of Sciance.

Wel now I got to “go” and Help Put up sines all over thay say “”Inclusion Has No Boarders”!! One Big Govvermant for Evryboddy In the werld Hear We come!!!!

Us Interllecturals we Has too Got loggic!

Image result for images of pie in face

Today i “was” tellin some stopid Trump guy to jist Shut Up becose “thare” istnt no sutch thing As truth Expecally his stopid bible and he sayed Yeh if “that is so then iff yiu says Nothing Is True then that” saying “it Cant be True neether!”

Wel how can yiu ansser that stopid saying?? Wel of corse i “knowed jist” how to ansser it becose i Am a Interllectural and i sayed “ha-ha Yiu are a Knotsy!” Yiu are aslo “a” biggit And a hatter!!! that shuld have Fixed him but he too stopid to “undderstand” It so then i puntched Him in the noze!! He shuld of Thancked me for that But insted he was eeating a Pye and he shuvved it Rihght in my Face!! and then He puled One “of” my Moth Antenners and OWWW that hurted jist so bad i culdnt Stand it!!!

Neferthless i winned the Argyment by crying becose it hurted a lot and than I runned off to do Play-Doh and lets Jist see him “ansser” that!!! I jist Dare him to treye to come “into mhy” Safe Space!!! But dammit!! that Antenner it Is looose now and al Flopped over!!! so later i wil tel the Humin Rihghts thing abuot what he Done and thay wil Kicke him Out of Collidge!!! he wil Not “be” abel to ague aginst That Loggic!!

Ohio State Offers Inauguration Day ‘Safe Space’ for Idiots

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This is a reminder that it’s not enough just to win elections. Leftism must be rooted out of every dark corner where it festers–including our overgrown, overpriced, underachieving universities.

Ohio State has offered “safe space” for Inauguration Day, where whimpering students can hang out together and pretend the 2016 election of Donald Trump as president never happened. They will feature “teach-ins”–oh, please–and poetry readings ( http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/30828/ ). And the students will be “taught”–I’m no longer sure that “teaching” is quite the right word for what goes on in college–how to “define social justice,” blah-blah-blah. I guess “justice” is when Democrats win elections and are free to subject America to open borders, high taxes, abortion, transgender bathrooms for little girls and grown men, and all the rest of that social justice stuff.

The universities must be starved into extinction. Cut off the funding! They have way, way, way too much of our money, and they only know how to make mischief with it. Cut this beast down to size! With just a little courage, Republicans in Congress could start cutting back on federal support for the universities. Stop putting our taxes to work at screwing up our country!

And for heaven’s sake, stop sending your sons and daughters there!

You Won’t Believe This–‘Fornicaid’?

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Looks like there just ain’t nothin’ Big Government can’t do, eh?

The German Green Party (“There’s no problem in the world a candle-light vigil can’t solve!”) has proposed legislation to provide “free prostitutes for disabled and elderly” persons ( http://www.germanpulse.com/2017/01/09/german-green-party-prostitutes-disabled-elderly/ ). The ho’s–oops, we’re supposed to call them “sex workers”–are to “provide sexual relief” to those who aren’t getting any.

How could they have forgotten to include this in Obamacare?

They tried to sneak this in, a few years ago, in Britain, but had to stop because of public protest. Some selfish persons actually resented their tax dollars being used to treat others to tricks. Kind of puts a new spin on the phrase “Trick or treat.”  In the Netherlands, a date with a hooker is “a deductible medical expense.”

(All right, you guys! Where’s the hidden camera?)

By the time secular humanists are done with us–presuming they get their way, and God doesn’t smite them–we’ll be reduced to transgendered, bug-eating, Play Doh-kneading, unemployable, whore-using, euthanized at the government’s earliest convenience, safe space-craving, whining, sniveling ding-dongs. Which is, I think, exactly where the Soroses and Kerrys of this world want us.

Still wondering why I posted Onward, Christian Soldiers earlier today?

The Ultimate Safe Space

Walking to the Y this morning, a new sign enticed me up the steps and into the ancient graveyard on the hill. All I could read from street level was “Breathe Easy,” and I wondered what more it had to say.

Well, the old graveyard is now a “No Smoking” zone. No smoking in the cemetery. I wonder who complained.

And then I thought, hey, this is just what we need–a place where no one ever says anything controversial (or anything at all, for that matter), no one has an opinion that might contradict yours, no one will demand you pay for anything: the safe space America’s been looking for. It’s even better than collidge. Here in the graveyard, no one is smarter, better-looking, or more athletic than you.

Unless somebody else comes up the steps; and then you might as well leave.

College Rules Gorillas ‘Too Masculine’

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Banned! For being too “masculine” and “not inclusive” enough…

Why do I keep saying that if you actually care about them and don’t want them turned into idiots, you shouldn’t send your sons or daughters to a public university?

Well, an official at the University of Kansas has ruled that gorillas can’t be included in a jungle-themed floor decoration in a dorm because gorillas are…get this… “too masculine” and “not inclusive” enough (  http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=8171 ).

Oh, if only there were transgender gorillas! Or at least some really gay gorillas. Then college kiddies could see a jungle picture with a gorilla in it. But if their eyes should happen to fall upon the image of a, well, regular gorilla–ooh! And without even a trigger warning! We’re gonna need a bigger Safe Space!

I keep thinking these are actually satires that I’m writing, no pack of “educators” could actually be so asinine. But they are, and this is not a satire.

People who care about their sons and daughters shouldn’t send them to the University of Kansas.

Oh, and go ahead, you libs and progs out there–explain to the rest of us why this is such a good thing. If you can.

First the UK, Next, Here: All Speech is Hate Speech, Except for Lib Speech

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Wow! The city of London has just gotten a 1.7 million-pound grant from the UK government to “criminalise illegal hate speech on line” ( http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/08/16/london-mayor-to-set-up-police-online-hate-crime-hub-in-partnership-with-social-media-firms/ ).

Yes, special police, plus “volunteers”–want to guess who they’ll be?–will “partner with the social media” to bust persons who express an opinion not approved by the government. You know–any criticism of anything, any opposition to anything, that liberals like. Sorta like Climate Change Denial.

Did I mention that “hate speech” is nowhere defined in any of this verbage? Oh, well, libs know hate speech when they see it. It’s any speech they don’t agree with. Anyone who doesn’t fall down and worship libs’ wisdom, must be a criminal.

So… the whole UK is eventually going to be turned into a gigantic “Safe Space” where no one–except Christians–will ever have to hear, read, or see anything that doesn’t gibe 100% with their brainless ideology. Think of it as a nation-sized college campus.

Next it’ll be our turn, First Amendment notwithstanding. One more Democrat president will do the trick.