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Don’t ‘Reporters’ Understand Anything?

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(Even a fool can be thought wise–if he can only keep his mouth shut! –King Solomon)

I never went to journalism school. I cannot confirm reports that before they let you graduate, they suck your brain out through a straw.

At President Trump’s press briefing yesterday (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QZmMWSVw_4), he mentioned that the United States had just acquired “good intelligence” that Iran was planning a sneak attack on some of our people in the region. The president warned Iran not to do it: “If anything bad happens, it’s going to be very painful for the other side.”

Okay, that’s a threat. Its purpose was to deter Iran from launching an attack. If the threat succeeds, then a lot of people won’t die.

Good luck trying to find a “journalist” who understands that.

So the reporter suggests to the president that maybe his statement was tantamount to giving the bad guys “a heads-up,” and asks him if he “feels” that maybe that’s what he did.

Do you really have to be a genius to understand that threats are meant to prevent actions from being taken? A sign on a park bench that says “Wet Paint” threatens unhappy consequences to anyone who sits on the bench. So you don’t sit on the bench. Is this truly beyond the intellectual powers of a journalist?

And they wonder why the public increasingly detests them.

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