The Progressive Death-Cult

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“Welcome to Oregon!”

The Deluded People’s Republic of Oregon (how in the world did it ever come to this?) has decided to do away with residency requirements for assisted suicide ( So if you want to off yourself, you will no longer have to be a resident of this addled state.

Not being able to kill yourself in Oregon unless you live in Oregon was “profoundly unfair to dying patients,” said a top medical authority. Well, heck, the bigger your practice, the bigger your swimming pool.

A critic warned that scrubbing the residency requirement would turn Oregon into “the assisted suicide tourism capital.” I can see the full-color brochure now: VISIT OREGON… AND DIE!

You can’t spend much time with libs, in print or in person, without running into some kind of commercial for assisted suicide. Leftism is a death-cult; its sacraments are abortion, “gay marriage,” transgender, and assisted suicide.

God’s wisdom, personified, warned us, “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8: 36).

Go ahead–try to tell us why that ain’t so. I triple-dog dare you.