The Grand Plan (and Where It’s Taking Us)

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With the discovery of “your depraved breeding kink” today, everything has fallen into place. I get it now. There’s a grand scheme, a kind of cosmic chess game hatched by Satan, in which the globalist/Far Left Crazy pawns think they’re kings–but they’re really only obeying the orders whispered into their ears while they sleep.

The end is to be the extinction of the human race. Here’s how it will be accomplished.

*First, they’ll abort all the babies they can lay their hands on. At the same time, they will preach that having babies is immoral. Selfish, dontcha know. Environmentally irresponsible. Gotta be discouraged–forcefully.

*Next, use the public schools and popular culture to promote “transgender,” which of course leads to sterility. They won’t be having babies! Anyway, they’ll have preschool, K-12, and goodness knows how many years in collidge to convince all the hes that they ought to be shes and all the shes that they ought to be hes.

*Make sure assisted suicide is always available, always praised as a courageous, generous, wonderful act that must be “celebrated.”

*Divide the human race into identity groups and keep them all at each other’s throats. Always make sure one of those groups is tagged The Bad Guy, for all the other groups to hate and blame for everything that’s wrong. Keep ’em guessing by changing The Bad Guy from time to time.

*Promote Artificial Intelligence as a replacement for the human race… while promising that the really big important pawns will have their minds downloaded into robots and they can live and fornicate forever. If you can’t sell them on this, you don’t belong here at all.

*Make sure there is a famine for hearing God’s word. For good measure, outlaw it.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong. ‘Cause I’d kind of like to be.


The Progressive Death-Cult

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“Welcome to Oregon!”

The Deluded People’s Republic of Oregon (how in the world did it ever come to this?) has decided to do away with residency requirements for assisted suicide ( So if you want to off yourself, you will no longer have to be a resident of this addled state.

Not being able to kill yourself in Oregon unless you live in Oregon was “profoundly unfair to dying patients,” said a top medical authority. Well, heck, the bigger your practice, the bigger your swimming pool.

A critic warned that scrubbing the residency requirement would turn Oregon into “the assisted suicide tourism capital.” I can see the full-color brochure now: VISIT OREGON… AND DIE!

You can’t spend much time with libs, in print or in person, without running into some kind of commercial for assisted suicide. Leftism is a death-cult; its sacraments are abortion, “gay marriage,” transgender, and assisted suicide.

God’s wisdom, personified, warned us, “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8: 36).

Go ahead–try to tell us why that ain’t so. I triple-dog dare you.

‘If We Did Everything the Left Thinks Is Good…’ (2018)

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How do they get to be exalted as The Smartest People In The World, when their ideas are so stupid?

If We Did Everything the Left Thinks is Good…

Abortion. Assisted Suicide. Transgender. These are not wisdom. They’re not even ordinary stupidity.

But they are what we’re up against, and we’d be wise not to forget it.

Now You Can’t Have Yourself Killed Unless… ?

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Actually, he almost never grinned…

You’re going to think I’m making this up, but honest, I’m not.

The German Euthanasia Assn. won’t help you kill yourself unless you’ve either been vaccinated for COVID or had it and recovered (

Assisted suicide was legalized in Germany last year. Is that Heinrich Himmler grinning?

Then again, the Euthanasia Association’s motto is, “Self-determination is the guiding principle of our time.”

Gee. Does that sound to you a lot like “Do as thou wilt”? That was Aleister Crowley’s motto. He was a prominent 20th-century Satanist.

What do I need to say about it? The Bible has already said it for us: “[A]ll they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36).

Sometimes Europe makes me wish we had a wider Atlantic Ocean.

Dem Governor ‘Helped’ His Mother Commit Suicide

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You’d vote for this guy–for real?

I’d never heard this story until yesterday–Mother’s Day, no less. I am sorry that I know it. I am sorry that it’s true.

In 2002, Gavin Newsom–now the governor of California, then a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors–“assisted” his mother to commit suicide ( He told this story to The New Yorker in 2002 and it was revisited by Wesley J. Smith of The National Review in 2018, when Newsom was running for governor.

His mother had breast cancer and chose to kill herself. She left a message for her politician son: “Next Wednesday will be the last day for me. Hope you can make it.” Newsom’s sister recalled “how hard it was for him to be with her when she was dying.”

In 2002, assisting suicide was a felony in California. Newsom was never charged with any crime: indeed, hardly anyone seemed even to notice what he’d done. In 2015 the state legalized assisted suicide in the “End of Life Option Act.”

Here in New Jersey, just last year, our own Democrat governor, Phil Murphy–famous for saying that considering the Bill of Rights was “above my pay grade”–pushed for assisted suicide to be legalized by the legislature, but a court shot it down.

Democrats: assisted suicide, abortion–what is it with Democrats and death? Is there anything morally evil that they’re not for? Is there any pathway to the graveyard that they don’t line with cheering and confetti?

These are the kinds of things that we as a nation have to stop doing.

There is no escaping God’s judgment.

The Assisted Suicide… Industry

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(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

When Canada in 2016 made it okay for doctors to help their patients kill themselves, no one expected a new industry to grow up around it. Even though that’s what always happens, every time some liberal politicians or judges discover a new “right” that wasn’t on the books before.

So now Canada, thanks to assisted suicide, has a growing “spare parts” trade (

Check out this headline from The Ottawa Citizen: “Medically assisted deaths prove a growing boon to organ donation in Ontario.” Hip, hip, hooray. And, in the text, “Ontarians who opt for medically assisted deaths (MAiD)–” dig the cute acronym–“are increasingly saving or improving other people’s lives…”

You name it, people make money on it. Assisted suicide is turning into big business. All these people rubbing their palms as they wait for you to snuff it. And if you’re a little slow to tell ’em to pull your plug, there’s always someone leaning over your hospital bed to remind you of all the good you’ll be doing, so why don’t you get a move on, etc.

So first it’s in your interest to die, to escape unrelievable suffering. Then it’s in the interest of those who will get well if they can gave one or more of your organs. It’s also in the interest of those who will make money on the deal, but it’s tactless to mention it. And finally, offing yourself probably helps Save The Planet.

Leftism kills.

Judge Blocks NJ’s Assisted Suicide Law

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A judge has issued a restraining order against New Jersey’s shiny new assisted suicide “law,” which went into effect this month (

A doctor sued on the grounds that the “law” violated his religious freedom and First Amendment rights. Ya think? It only says that a doctor who won’t help a patient kill himself must refer the patient to a doctor who will. So they’re telling you what you must say, even when you believe it’s wrong. Is there a First Amendment in the house?

Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy, who enthusiastically signed the bill into “law,” said it was a hard decision for him because he’s “a lifelong, practicing Catholic.” Hey, you need to practice harder, sunshine. He and his attorney general have pledged to fight the restraining order.

After all, assisted suicide, euthanasia, abortion–these are all favorites of the Far Left death cult, most of whose members are Democrats.

After a great deal of low political chicanery in the State House, Murphy and his pals got what they wanted, and New Jersey became the seventh of eight states now permitting doctor-assisted suicide.

Until a judge let the air out of their balloon.

Hopefully the cheap tricks will be undone and the “law” overturned. Meanwhile, thank you, Judge Innes.

NJ to Approve ‘Assisted Suicide’

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First do no harm… NOT!

The Democrat death cult has its claws fastened on New Jersey. They failed on Monday to legalize “recreational marijuana,” but yesterday both houses of the legislature passed an “assisted suicide” bill which the governor is eager to sign into law today (

Wherever you find Democrats in charge, you’ll find laws favoring abortion, sexual anarchy, suicide, and drug use.

Our governor cites his “strict Catholic upbringing.” Well, obviously he’s totally rejected everything they tried to teach him. Boy, if you could ever find a way to harness liberal hypocrisy, we could get rid of fossil fuels the same day.

They pitch assisted suicide to us as humane, an escape from agony, it’s only gonna be after a doctor says you’ve got just six months or less to live–and we all know doctors are always right about that, don’t we?

They don’t say anything about “end of life counselors” or family members who hate you gathered around your sick-bed like vultures and nagging you to end it all. “C,mon! Don’t you realize how much money it costs to keep you alive? C’mon, now, kill yourself! Do it now!”

No fear of God. Like they’ll never have to stand before His judgment seat.

Good luck with that, sunshine.