Supreme Court Almost Kind Of Defends Religious Liberty

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All right–for the time being, rules the Supreme Court, California can’t have a total ban on indoor worship services ( Can’t do that, said six of the nine judges (all the libs wanted to keep the ban… of course).

But all the other restrictions, the court allowed to remain in place. No singing. Limited number of worshipers allowed to come inside. All the court did was to allow a few people to venture into a house of worship.

Yeah, we’re still waking up in Mandatistan every day–where there is no legislation, no debate, no compromise: just a lot of “mandates” handed down by tinpot tyrants who never apply them to themselves.

The court could have sided with the plaintiffs all the way, and told Gov. Noisome no, you can’t keep people out of church, you can’t prohibit them from singing or praying together, you can’t limit the church to 25% capacity. They could’ve done those things, but didn’t.

Justices Kavanagh and Barrett, whom we fought for, prayed for, and defended–guess what? They’ve let us down again! It seems they’re pretty cool with most of the restrictions.

“Permission to worship God, O master!”

“Permission denied!”

Starting to sound like the Book of Exodus, isn’t it?

P.S.–Y’know what I’d like to see ’em restrict in California? A “Pride” parade! Go on, California–restrict that! I dare you.