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Teaching Kids to Cheat at Chess

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It’s easier if you cheat!

Let me hear it again. “I send my children to public schools to get ‘socialized’ there because____________.” Fill in the blank and win a tin foil hat.

Henderson Middle School in El Paso, Texas, recently won the U.S. Chess Federation’s National Scholastic (K-9) Championship… not! They’re going to be stripped of the title because they cheated (http://www.startribune.com/burnsville-chess-team-may-get-national-championship-after-texas-team-found-to-have-cheated/506849112/).

It was “organized and directed” by the coach, said the USCF. To prepare for the national tournament, the Henderson team entered some lesser tournaments and threw “virtually all their games.” All those losses drove their ratings down, which translated into easier match-ups–much easier!–in the national tournament. The practice is common enough to have a common name: “sandbagging.” I’ve encountered it myself, at online chess sites.

The coach denies everything and says “inconsistent play” is to be expected because his players come from “economically disadvantaged backgrounds,” so there–take that, you racists, you!

Anyhow, the USCF is going to take back all the laurels and bestow them on the team that came in second… And then someday there’ll be a TV movie about how all themb Biggits conspired to strip these Poor Kids of their hard-earned glory… and it’s Donald Trump’s fault! Break out the violins.

Two lessons have been taught here.

*If you have to cheat to get what you want, cheat.

*When you get caught cheating, play the race card every time.

And that about sums up public schooling, nowadays.

‘So, Kiddies, You Get Drunk and Have Sex…’

Ready for another inspiring example of our wonderful public schools at work?

As part of a language arts lesson, kids at a New Jersey elementary school were required to write an essay dealing with a hypothetical situation which begins with the student going to a party and getting drunk or drugged. ( http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/11/05/eighth-graders-asked-to-write-about-booze-herpes-and-one-night-stands.html )

“You end up having sex with this person… A week later you find out that you have contracted herpes… and that this is a disease that you will have all your life and never known when an outbreak will occur.”

“Never known?” That’s some language arts, eh?

The lesson is from [trumpet fanfare] Common Core, the federal government’s inept and costly show of micromanaging all the public schools in America.

Aside from being a very poor example of the application of the language arts, whatever they are, this little scenario makes several assumptions. 1) Teens and pre-teens will go to parties where no adult is present, because no parent  cares enough to be bothered. 2) The children at these parties will consume drugs and alcohol, and no parents will ever find out and put a stop to it. 3) Once they’re properly liquored up, children will have sex with whoever comes along and probably wind up with a sexually transmitted disease.

At that point they have demonstrated their readiness to be registered as Democrat voters.

Common Core and your child’s public school classroom teacher take those three assumptions for granted–hey, that’s just how it is, being a 13-year-old these days. Every parent ought to know that.

Please do not leave your children in those schools.

It’s not healthy for them.

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