The Devil Knows He’s Toast

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Theologian R.J. Rushdoony believed the secular, statist order was dying and said so, and wrote so, many times. Rushdoony himself died in 2001, but his prophetic work lives on in his many books.

Rushdoony knew the secular order that bestrode the world would take a long time to die, and in its death throes do much damage. He would not have been surprised by what’s happenin’ now–eternal “protests” over nothing, riots all over, kids coming out of “education” a lot dumber than they went in, Democrats trying to get all the girls turned into boys and all the boys turned into girls… and so much more. And it does look like Team Satan is putting points on the scoreboard faster than we can keep count of them.

But think of some of the other things that happen, that the secular statists would surely stop if they could. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be president, and she isn’t. She was supposed to finish what Obama started, and she can’t. Football was supposed to mesmerize America into hating itself, and it can’t. Man-Made Climbit Change is supposed to be “settled science” and incontrovertible fact, and it isn’t. And even as Western peoples, beguiled and hornswoggled by their entertainment, education, and legal systems, fall away from Christianity, people all over Africa and Asia are finding Christ–multitudes of them. Even in the West, house churches and informal but tightly bonded Christians still hold high the torch of truth.

None of that would have surprised Rushdoony, either.

So the Devil’s wrath is great, because he knows his time is almost up (Revelation 12:12). He, through his servants, tries to do as much damage as he can: and then it’s off to the lake of fire for the lot of them.

Pray unceasingly.


Delight in good works.

Be unafraid to speak the truth. God’s Word is truth.

God knows it’s hard. Be assured He will avenge His saints. If we are hated for His sake, so were God’s prophets hated once, and Christ’s apostles. Our very existence offends the secular statist Left almost more than they can bear. Just to know any of us still walk the earth is a grief and a provocation to them.

Endure. The Lord will come. Endure.