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Lessons to be Learned… if We Can

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As we all sit around stalemated by the Wuhan Chinese Communist flu, it’s to be hoped that we at least learn some lessons from it. Like for instance:

Relying on Red China is folly. Everything we get from them has a sting in it. They are not our friends. Buy from civilized people, not from communists.

“Open Borders” is an idea whose time has never come and which is now totally gone. Just imagine what would happen to us, disease-wise, if we had a government that stubbornly refused to close our nation’s borders.

We don’t actually need all those colleges and have been wasting our money on them. We can more than get by without Gender Studies. The whole idea that everyone should go to college was ridiculous from the git-go.

We also get a lot less value from our public schools than we ever realized. Just how badly to we need teachers’ unions and gender counselors, anyway? I’m guessing not at all.

A ruling class of globalist elite schiff-heads is not smarter than us. If anything, it’s even dumber. They did a lot to make this mess.

Come to think of it, our own professional governing class is something less than a national asset. Maybe it’s time to re-think the whole business of who gets to run the country.

Actively and loudly rooting for the stock market to tank, rooting for the plague, because they think these disasters will destroy President Trump and boost them back into power, Democrats have shown that they are America’s enemies. They do not wish us well. C’mon, people! That mask slipped off more than a year ago. Wake up.

If we can learn these lessons, we will be a stronger country than we were six months ago.

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