‘You Can’t Go Out Alone!’

TTC hosting Halloween event at abandoned Lower Bay station | The Star

Not quite as safe as it looks, is it?

Good grief! New York City’s Upper East Side is full of teenagers whose parents won’t let them out on the street without adult supervision (https://www.curbed.com/2023/02/upper-east-side-parents-axiety-teens-crime-covid.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab). Some of these kids would actually get lost trying to go to school because they don’t know the way.

This is a very tony neighborhood–why the fear?

Some parents won’t let their teens ride the subway. Why? Because the crime rate in this Democrat-run city is through the roof, that’s why. I’m six feet tall and I know judo–and I’d be leery about taking a subway ride in NYC. But it’s not just the subway. Some of these kids are not allowed to go anywhere alone. Might never see them again.

New York’s got prosecutors who are so Far Left, they won’t prosecute even violent crimes. Police pick you up, and twenty minutes later you’re back out on the sidewalk, looking for another victim.

Is this any way to live? As if your life were a chapter in The Hunger Games? What kind of timorous adults will these kids grow up to be? That is, if they grow up at all. You’d think a 14-year-old wouldn’t have to be driven to school by Momma every day; but that’s life in the Big Apple.

Yeah, well, as long as a lifelong mugger’s Rights are respected, what else matters?