Another Step Toward Wiping Us Out

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Even better than a doll, because it’ll take up no space!

This would be funny if it weren’t so sinister. You could say that about a lot of Satanic schemes.

A UK big-shot “scientist” says we’re gonna solve our “population problem”–what population problem?–“within 50 years” by making real babies obsolete and having “virtual AI [“Artificial Intelligence”] babies” that won’t cost anything to raise because… well, because they aren’t real! (

“All they that hate me love death,” the Bible says (Proverbs 8: 36). Bullseye.

As it is–first we’ve got to get our babies past the abortionist; and then if we do, the public schools are hot to trot to give them puberty blockers and turn boys into fake girls and girls into fake boys, all of whom will be sterile. And down the road, Far Left Crazy will have assisted suicide waiting for us.

These virtual babies will be “in the metaverse”–that’s not real, either: none of it’s real. They’re already calling them “tamagotchi babies,” after a recent fad for hand-held “tamagotchi pets,” which aren’t real.

They’re marching us down the road to human extinction and they just can’t get there fast enough.

Jesu defend us.