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What’s Goin’ On Here?

While we enjoy Bert Kaempfert’s 1960s classic, Afrikaan Beat, I can wonder what’s going on with this blog today. As I write this, we have 585 views–585!–and 327 referrals from Facebook, well over the daily average of, oh, 13 or 14. The record is 644 views on Nov. 7, 2016; and today we’re making a run at breaking it.

Does anybody out there know a lot about blogging? If so, can you clue me in? Like, we’ve got some 350 views Hyfrydol, a Welsh hymn I posted… a couple of years ago. Why is it so hot today? What factors might have come into play, to pump up the viewership? If I could only understand it, maybe I could learn how to do it on purpose.

Well, I’ve got to tear myself away to write my weekly Newswithviews column. I’ll check our stats again after I’ve finished.

Someone out there must know more about blogging than I do. I am merely dazzled by it all.

(And now it’s 590–wahoo!)

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