‘Hyfrydol’ (On a Harp)

No hymn requests today, well, then, why not this? Hyfrydol on the harp, played by Ray Pool. This melody goes with I-don’t-know-how-many hymns in any number of hymnals–pick one you like. They’re all among my favorites.

‘Alleluiah! Sing to Jesus’

Alleluiah! Sing to Jesus, here sung by St. Michael’s Singers at Coventry Cathedral, is one of many hymns that go with the Welsh melody called “Hyfrydol”–composed in 1830 by Rowland H. Prichard when he was just 19 years ago. Did he ever dream that people would sing it in churches all over the world?

Encore, ‘Hyfrydol’

Foggy, dreary, wet this morning; and no hymn requests, so I’m on my own.

How about a nice Welsh hymn? Hyfrydol, with Bryn Terfel as soloist, backed up by the Welsh National Opera Orchestra. Don’t worry if you can’t make out the lyrics; they’re in Welsh. But the music speaks for itself… and says “Amen.”

Beautiful… Just Beautiful!

My wife chanced to discover this last night, and we both agreed it was one of the most beautiful pieces of music that we’d ever heard–the Welsh melody, “Hyfrydol,” played on a mountain dulcimer. Wonderful! Brought us close to tears. I just had to share it with you.

I used to know someone whose father made dulcimers. They lived in West Virginia.

Many hymns have adopted “Hyfrydol” as their setting, including some whose lyrics were written long before the melody was composed by Rowland Pritchard in the 19th century. If it seems familiar to you… well, you’ve probably heard it or sung it in church.

‘Alleluiah, Sing to Jesus’

The Welsh melody “Hyfrydol” goes with several different hymns and this is one of them–Alleluiah, Sing to Jesus, performed here by St. Michael’s Singers at Coventry Cathedral.

We’re open for hymn requests, everybody, if you’ve got any.

‘Alleluia! Sing to Jesus’

The Welsh melody Hyfrydol provides the music for many different hymns. Here we have it with Alleluiah! Sing to Jesus, sung by St. Michael’s Singers at Coventry Cathedral.

My allergies are still tormenting me, but at least I got some sleep last night. Maybe I’ll be better by the afternoon.

By Request, ‘Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners’

Requested by SlimJim–and it turns out this is another appearance by our old friend, the Welsh melody, Hyfrydol. I don’t know how many different sets of hymn lyrics this melody supports, but it’s always a pleasure to listen.

Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners… with background sets by God the Father.

Hymn: ‘Hyfrydol’

We’ll have a hymn now. It can’t hurt.

Please pray for us.

Hyfrydol (“Alleluiah, Sing to Jesus”), by the Choir of Kings College, Cambridge.

‘God Is Love, Let Heaven Adore Him’

To this day I don’t know how many lyrics have been written to the melody of the Welsh hymn, Hyfrydol. Here’s one I’d never heard before–God Is Love, Let Heaven Adore Him. Choir and congregation sing it with a will (although YouTube doesn’t give us the name of the church).


Every denomination, it seems has its own set of lyrics to go with this hymn. But here we have the original Hyfrydol, sung in Welsh by a Welsh choir. I can’t translate a word of it, but I don’t think I have to: the music speaks for itself.