My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 9 (‘Disney’s Debacle’)

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Not an original thought in all the house…

[The eye doctor didn’t dilate my pupils this morning, so I’m ready to get back to work.]

Will there still be a Disney Corp by 2026? At the rate they’re losing money, it wouldn’t surprise me if the whole thing went belly-up. “Too big to fail” can easily turn into “Too big not to fail.”

Disney’s Debacle

What is the point of alienating your customer base? What is it about normal people and their normal lives that incites the Disney cult to double down on Woke sermon movies? Do they not care that all these box-office duds are losing money? They act like they don’t care a bit.

Is there anything left in America that Far Left Crazy hasn’t corrupted?


Disney’s ‘Snow White’ Disaster

Disney's live action Snow White takes wokeness to absurd new low

How badly does the world need a woke Snow White?

Disney Corp’s original feature-length cartoon, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, an undisputed classic, holds a high place in movie history. So naturally today’s Disney decided to remake it… as a woke-fest.

Now the company is debating whether to cancel it before it’s even released: it’s that awful.

With nine box-office bombs in a row eating up the profits, you’d think they’d finally understand that America doesn’t want Far Left drivel cluttering up the movies. But no, they don’t learn. They just keep cranking out garbage.

So there’s a war on, inside the corporation–to drop another bomb, or to cut their losses and run. That’ll be another $150 million down the tubes. But if they release this Politically Correct mess, they might lose twice as much. Some of Disney’s executives want to delay the release and try to, uh, “fix” the movie. That’ll be another hundred million, please. Or worse.

Why won’t they learn? How many box-office duds can they produce before the whole shebang goes bankrupt?

But they’re stuck with their own stupid commitment to make every movie a vehicle for pushing their culture-killing ideology.

Maybe if the stockholders were to fire everybody involved in these fiascoes, they could save Disney.

Presuming there’s anything in it worth saving.

(For more details, watch this.)