A Progress Report

The Last Banquet has at last been printed, and should become available any day now.

Meanwhile, I’m coming down the home stretch with The Palace, the sixth book in the series. I’ve entered that phase of writing where it’s hard to tear myself away to do anything else. Yes, it’s the climax: the great big hoo-hah at the end that has to justify all the buildup. I knew from the beginning what the climax of the story was going to be, but actually writing it, well, that’s the tricky part. But so far God has guided me. He’ll bring the ship to port: I just follow my Captain’s orders.

As for Book #5, The Fugitive Prince, I’ll be happy if it comes out a year from now. The editors haven’t gotten to it yet, and it needs a cover. As usual, I can’t wait to see what artist Kirk DouPonce comes up with. His covers have all been dynamite so far.

Now, if I can just get you to buy the blessed things…!

7 comments on “A Progress Report

  1. I would gladly buy the books; all of them. Knowing your writing style, I am assured that they would be very interesting. Unfortunately, I am retired, unable to find a job, living on less monthly income than most folks receive in a week. I don’t recommend it to anyone. My costs have not disappeared, but the income surely has.

    1. Wait’ll they slap a “value-added tax” (VAT) onto the cost of every good and service in America, causing an overall increase of 15-20% in the prices of just about everything. They’ve done it in a lot of European countries, and it really lowers the standard of living!

      We’re going to wind up like the Indus Valley Civilization. And we’ll have done it to ourselves.

  2. I can’t tell you how blessed I have been by this series. Your book series has been one of my favorite reads for quite a while and I can tell will be for many future generations!

    I have been enjoying The Last Banquet greatly (thank you so much for publishing to Kindle – we’ll be buying the book when its printed) and find it difficult to tear away from it. My wife looks at me a bit oddly when I laugh out loud or audibly cheer to another battle scene where God has delivered His people – let’s just say she’s now starting to devour Bell Mountain and in a mini-war with our oldest daughter over who gets to read it. 🙂

    The only down-side is having to wait a year for “The Fugitive Prince” and not knowing just how long we will wait for “The Palace”.

    Please know we are slowly trying to introduce these to our friends – and will try to speed that process up. To have a book series that is so beautifully written, shows God calling all nations to Himself and His expanding rule over the whole earth is a blessing to our generation.

    Truly, “His mercy endureth forever”!

  3. Lee, I bought the series at San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival in February, at the suggestion of Kevin Swanson. Bought it for my daughter who isn’t ready for them yet. I dug them out of the cupboard two weeks ago and can’t put them down. I found this blog by doing a google search. I thought that I needed to get the next book delivered asap, so I can move on to number four when I finish number three. I’m glad to see it will be in print imminently and dismayed to see I have to wait a year for number 5 and longer for 6! These would make an amazing film series if it had sufficient funding! (You might like to take a look at our first feature, which we just finished – http://www.TheRememberMovie.com) God bless as you write and provide for all your needs. God funds all his projects!

    1. Hi, Greg, I just watched your movie trailer. Wow! How did you guys do that? I would like to review your film for Chalcedon. Can you email me more information about it? My address is leeduigon@verizon.net .

      I would love to see a Bell Mountain movie, but I can’t imagine how it would ever come about. After all, hardly anybody knows these books even exist. I pray the Lord will take care of that for me.

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