Do You Worship Science?

You can learn a lot by chatting on the Internet. Here is one thing I’ve learned.

Most people, including most Christians, consider “Science” (whatever they might mean by the term) to be the highest authority for truth–higher than God’s word.

Alone among human enterprises, Science is held to be virtually immune to corruption, wishful thinking, prejudice, or folly.

People are genuinely shocked if you suggest that science is not immune to those frailties of human nature. They are shocked if you suggest that a scientist is no more likely to be truthful, moral, or trustworthy than a politician, a used car salesman, or a televangelist.

People will trust Science and scientists blindly. They will defend Science with a zeal and an emotional heat which, if exercised in the defense of a religious belief, would make them quite uneasy if they saw it.

For most people, Science is synonymous with truth. But do they even know what Science is?

I was taught to believe that Science is the application of the Scientific Method–observe, make a hypothesis, experiment, analyze, etc. The Scientific Method is only a procedure, not a definitive statement on the nature of reality; and it has served us well.

But at least for members of today’s scientific community, Science is a thorough-going, overarching world-view which is purely materialistic: that is, for these scientists, nothing exists that cannot be measured by our senses or our instruments.

That rules out God, and practically everything else that really matters.

I don’t believe most people realize that Science makes that claim. They just put their trust in it.

Do you?

6 comments on “Do You Worship Science?

  1. Science is, supposedly, a search for truth, although in our day it’s probably more correct to say that it’s a search for funding.

    1. The search for funding takes the form of searching for “truth” that the political sponsors want to hear, so they can grab more power and smack us around.

  2. Whenever a “scientific” statement is made that contradicts the Bible, I go with the Bible every time. I am not ashamed to confess that the Bible is my source of authority (surely not Richard Dawkins and his ilk).

  3. Science is, in reality, a religion. It would more accurately be called Scientism.

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