In Search of Happy Stuff

A friend has asked me, “Don’t you ever put happy stuff on your blog?” (Betty, this Bud’s for you!)

I don’t think it’s fair to say I never post happy stuff. It’s just that, as someone charged with observing and analyzing the news from day to day, my day almost always starts with being hit with something like this:

“Homosexuality as Population Control? Why Gays & Lesbians Are Essential to the Balance of Nature” ( ) Yup–look to Organized Sodomy to Save the Planet. It’s not only a virtue–why, it will also stop Global Warming!

And then I ask, “Can I wake up now, please?” and the answer is always “No,” and that doesn’t make me happy.

I knew they would tie it up with Global Warming. I just knew it.

2 comments on “In Search of Happy Stuff

  1. I had a wife once. She told me that I had no sense of humour because I thought books filled with cartoons were boring. But, what I really find happyfying for me is to study human stupidity. It really makes me laugh. Guess it just depends on the point of view.


    1. I guess I could write about the Laurel & Hardy film collection my wife gave me for Christmas. Make no mistake about it–a good laugh is a sanity-saver. Treasure it whenever you can get it!

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