U.N. Ninnie: Communism Can Save the World from Global Warming

The new United Nations climate honcho, Christiana Figueres, says “democracy” isn’t fit for fighting Global Warming. If we really wanna Save the Planet, we gotta turn to… communism!

Is she purposely trying to satirize herself? Not only is communism the best way to fight Global Warming, she says: but China ought to be the world’s role model. China? The biggest polluter on earth–that China? Where you can practically cut the air with a knife and pile it in stacks? Yup, that China.

Where do they find these people? Well, Ms. Figueres, born in Costa Rica, is a lifelong bureaucrat from a family of bureaucrats, and for many years has been a paid Global Warming-monger. In other words, she has spent her entire life totally insulated from reality. No wonder she doesn’t believe in democratic institutions! She’s never been introduced to one.

Yowsah, yowsah, communism is the answer. Re-open the gulags. Get them re-education camps back into gear.

Did you know that, under communism, a single cubic yard of Polish soil contained enough lead to make a lead soldier?

Did you know that, under the genius of the USSR’s central planners, they practically dried up the Aral Sea–once one of the world’s largest lakes?

For more on communism’s sterling environmental record, see http://hotair.com/archives/2014/01/16/un-climate-chief-declares-communism-best-for-fighting-global-warming/ .

“But, dahling, it won’t be communism for me!”

12 comments on “U.N. Ninnie: Communism Can Save the World from Global Warming

  1. I wonder how much pencil pushing apparatchiks like Christiana Figueres get paid, I’ll bet its a solid 6 figures.

  2. This is the true agenda behind global warming, and Ms. Figueres unintentionally spilled the beans.

    1. And don’t forget what we learned yesterday: widespread sodomy is “critical to the balance of nature” and a key ingredient in Saving the Planet.

    2. I’ve always believed this on one of the reasons the powers that be support it. They are big into population control. It’s why they focus so much on things like abortion, contraception, and sodomy. The fact that it also undermines Christian values is also a plus for them.

  3. It astounds me that people seem attracted to this economic system, in spite of its obvious failure. Methinks that even communism isn’t the true goal, but that domination of others is where they are coming from.

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