The Hatchery of Stalinism

One gets the impression that libs ‘n’ progs aren’t comfortable with free speech and would, if they could, get rid of it.

Last week it was the FCC trying to insert government “monitors” into the newsrooms. We also had some bint from Swarthmore demanding that the college allow no more debates: because, she explained, there really is only one side to every question and why should anyone on campus ever have to hear from some conservative who is just plain wrong about everything?

This week it’s the Harvard Crimson publishing an article by a student calling for the end of academic freedom–no more “oppressive,” non-leftist ideas should be allowed (see ). She looks back fondly on the good old days of the SDS, the Students for a Democratic (LOL!) Society, when they’d just show up with bullhorns to drown out anyone who tried to say anything the SDS didn’t like. If the speaker was a college professor, they could “occupy” his office and destroy all his papers, and maybe vandalize his car. If the speaker was a student, they could beat him up.

This, she says, would all be in the cause of “justice.” Trust lefties to give the word “justice” a bad name! It’s only “justice” to silence Global Warming “denial,” opposition to homosexual pseudomarriage, criticism of abortion, blah-blah-blah.

Has the American university become a hatchery for Stalinists? What are those jerks with the grey ponytails teaching our young people? What’s going to happen to this country when these ignorant freedom-haters take over? Looks to me like we’re clutching a whole brood of vipers to our breast.

Something has to be done to break the Far Left’s stranglehold on education in America, and it needs to be done quickly.

PS–the link to the article in The Crimson doesn’t work, for some reason. If you want to read the original, search for Feb. 18, The Harvard Crimson, Academic Freedom, by Sandra Korn. Sorry.

PSS–I have corrected a typo, and now the link works.

2 comments on “The Hatchery of Stalinism

  1. Excellent post, Lee! Here is the link, which I hope works!

    I’m sharing this on FR

    I think you aptly and accurately describe today’s universities! It starts in the early years, in public education, and even in parochial education. My own son, in the 6th grade of a parochial school, is simply told that his position on global warming is wrong. He is told flat-out, that people are causing it. He is my youngest, and I hope have taught my kids enough that they can pass on their own kids. I’m frankly tired of deprogramming kids!

    1. Thanks, Rita.

      Far be it from me to tell you or anyone else what to do: but what will you say if your son asks, someday, “If so much of what they teach me in school is wrong, why do you keep sending me there?”

      My heart goes out to those who have to de-program their children every day. How much of that can you do? The indoctrination isn’t going to get any softer with each school year; it’s going to get harder.

      Believe me, you’re not alone.

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